Hillam's Anglesey double

Event 17 at Anglesey on 03/10/2021
Day two of Longton's autumn Anglesey sprint week-end was held on the International track and in much better conditions to the day before.

Qualifying for the first Run Off saw Matt Hillam (SBD Dallara) well clear of a close bunch behind led by Pete Goulding (Mygale Ecoboost), Terry Holmes (Lola T90 Tegra) and Graham Blackwell (Mygale Ecoboost). Miles, Robert Tonge (Force TA) and Simon Wallis (OMS 3000M) were a little further back.

Hillam maintained his pace to take Run Off one from Holmes and Goulding with the, newly crowned 2021 British Sprint Champion, Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) and Blackwell next up and separated by a hundredth of a second.

Simon Bainbridge's week-end with the SBR Crono came to an abrupt end with a DNF on the first Run Off with a broken drive shaft.

Run Off two saw a repeat of the first with Hillam taking the win from Holmes while Miles took the remaining podium spot. The two Mygales reversed their first Run Off positions with Blackwell in fourth ahead of Goulding in fifth. Graham Porrett (lola T90 Tegra) qualified for the second Run Off and took seventh. 


Anglesey, International Circuit October 3rd 2021

Longton & District MC

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Rounds 29 & 30

Run Off 1 (Round 29)
1. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 79.09secs
2. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola T90 Tegra) 79.81secs
3. Pete Goulding(1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 80.25secs
4. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 80.47secs
5. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 80.48secs
6. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 82.67secs
7. Robert Tonge (1.4 Force TA) 82.89secs
8. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 83.78secs
9. Simon Wallis (1.1 OMS 3000M) 85.42secs
10. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 86.70secs
11. Grahame Harden (1.3 Radical PR6) 86.80secs
Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono) DNF

Run Off 2 (Round 30)
1. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 78.99secs
2. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola T90 Tegra) 79.33secs
3. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 79.40secs
4. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 79.42secs
5. Pete Goulding(1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 79.83secs
6. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 81.47secs
7. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola T90 Tegra) 82.54secs
8. Robert Tonge (1.4 Force TA) 82.76secs
9. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 82.94secs
10. Simon Wallis (1.1 OMS 3000M) 83.55secs
11. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 85.57secs
12. Grahame Harden (1.3 Radical PR6) 86.62secs


A pair of wins for Matt Hillam (Kim Broughton)

A scenic shot of Terry Holmes (Neil Lambert)

A competitive week-end for Robert Tonge (Neil Lambert)

Pete Goulding at Anglesey Circuit (Neil Lambert)

Steve Miles - 2021 British Sprint Champion!

Event 16 at Anglesey on 02/10/2021
At Longton & District's autumn Anglesey sprint on 2/3 October Steve Miles was confirmed as the 2021 British Sprint Champion, having led the championship from start to finish.

Despite not adding to his overall score at Anglesey (taking dropped scores into account) his nearest rivals were unable to collect enough points to overtake Steve's total of 445 points with the final rounds at Castle Combe still remaining.

The winning Van Diemen RF96 is a testament to continued development and from its beginnings as a Formula Ford Zetec back in 1996 it has received a 2 litre SBD/Duratec race engine, fully modelled aero and carbon bodywork and the first MBR built Hewland JL gearbox to appear in British speed events.

Day one of the week-end was held over 1 lap of a cold and very wet National circuit and qualifying for the first Run Off saw Pete Goulding (Mygale Ecoboost) a tenth ahead of Terry Holmes (Lola T90 Tegra). Simon Bainbridge found the mighty SBR Crono V8 well suited to the conditions and qualified third from Miles and Steve Broughton (SBD Dallara) who quite enjoys driving in the wet.

The SBR Crono maintained its strong showing, taking the first Run Off and giving driver, Bainbridge, a well deserved boost after a difficult season and his first ever Run Off victory. He was over a second ahead of Holmes, Goulding and Robert Tonge who took an excellent fourth in the Force TA. Next up were Miles, Graham Blackwell (Mygale Ecoboost) and John Loudon, the fastest 1100cc runner in his Force HC.

Carole Torkington (OMS CF08) did well to qualify and went even better in the Run Off, feeling comfortable in the wet conditions and taking ninth, a hundredth ahead of Graham Porrett (Lola T90 Tegra).

As a result of the conditions no fourth run or stand alone Run Off was held so the points for Round 28 were calculated on the third timed run which saw the two Mygale Ecoboosts at the head of the field with Goulding in front of Blackwell. Bainbridge continued to run strongly, taking the final podium spot ahead of the SBD Dallara pair with Broughton over a second in front of Hillam who was, in turn, only a couple of hundredths up on Loudon.


Anglesey, National Circuit October 2nd 2021

Longton & District MC

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Rounds 27 & 28

Run Off 1 (Round 27)
1. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono) 56.84secs
2. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola T90 Tegra) 57.78secs
3. Pete Goulding(1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 58.35secs
4. Robert Tonge (1.4 Force TA) 58.65secs
5. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 59.09secs
6. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 59.49secs
7. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 59.87secs
8. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 60.14secs
9. Carole Torkington (1.5 SBD OMS CF08) 61.77secs
10. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola T90 Tegra) 61.78secs
11. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 62.91secs

Run Off 2 (Round 28)
1. Pete Goulding(1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 57.82secs
2. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 59.39secs
3. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono) 59.98secs
4. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 62.53secs
5. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 63.72secs
6. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 63.74secs
7. Simon Wallis (1.1 OMS 3000M) 67.76secs
8. Stephen Mallet (1.3 Radical PR6) 69.14secs
9. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola T90 Tegra) 70.28secs
10. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 70.30secs
11. Grahame Harden (1.3 Radical PR6) 72.46secs
12. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola T90 Tegra) 72.49secs

Steve at a wet Anglesey (Phil Hen)

Steve and the British Sprint competitors (Jane Loudon)

Steve celebrates his championship win (Phil Hen)

Simon Bainbridge took his first Run Off of the season (Neil Lambert)

Hillam narrows the gap at Blyton

Event 15 at Blyton Park on 26/09/2021
Day two of Nottingham Sports Car Club's Roger Carrington memorial week-end at Blyton Park, was held on the Outer circuit  and saw honours split between season long championship leader, Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) and challenger, Matt Hillam in the SBD Dallara. Although still lying well down the table Hillam was the only competitor in the top nine not dropping scores and, while still possible to win the championship, he couldn't afford many mistakes.

The day began well (if quite cold) for Hillam, qualifying for Run Off one fastest ahead of Pete Goulding (Mygale Ecoboost), Miles and Steve Broughton (SBD Dallara). The first Run Off mirrored qualifying with Hillam taking the win by just over a tenth from Goulding with Miles and Broughton following. Robert Tonge (Force TA) and Steve Brown (Empire Evo 2) repeated their good performance from the previous day by taking fifth and sixth, just two hundredths apart. John Loudon (Force HC) had a rough sounding engine and a lost plug tip was detected. A change of plugs didn't help and he was out for the day.

The same four quickest drivers continued to dominate qualifying for the second Run Off although Broughton and Miles swapped places to lie third and fourth. In the final Run Off of the week-end Miles, running ahead of Hillam, threw down the gauntlet by setting the fastest time of the day so far. Hillam going last, was 0.8s up at the split but then 'overdrove Bunga Bunga'  and was unable to make up the lost time, finishing 0.06s behind Miles!

With the handling of the SBD Dallara now very balanced and to the liking of both drivers, Broughton took the final podium place ahead of Tonge and Simon Wallis (OMS 3000M) while a last corner spin led to a DNF for Goulding.

In the championship table Goulding closed to within 25 points of Miles and Hillam remained a long way (149 points) in arrears although it is still just about possible to win with six rounds (153 points including records) left to go.


Blyton Park Outer September 26th 2021


SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Rounds 25 & 26

Run Off 1 (Round 25)
1. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 56.07secs
2. Pete Goulding(1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 56.21secs
3. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 57.16secs
4. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 57.23secs
5. Robert Tonge (1.4 Force TA) 59.08secs
6. Steve Brown (1.3 Empire Evo 2) 59.10secs
7. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 60.62secs
8. Simon Wallis (1.1 OMS 3000M) 61.52secs
9. Tony Beesley (1.0 Jedi MK4) 62.10secs
10. Carole Torkington (1.5 SBD OMS CF08) 64.96secs
11. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) DNS

Run Off 2 (Round 26)
1. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 56.41secs
2. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 56.47secs
3. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 57.08secs
4. Robert Tonge (1.4 Force TA) 58.78secs
5. Simon Wallis (1.1 OMS 3000M) 59.63secs
6. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 60.39secs
7. Tony Beesley (1.0 Jedi MK4) 61.03secs
8. Steve Brown (1.3 Empire Evo 2) 65.56secs
Pete Goulding(1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) DNF
Carole Torkington (1.5 SBD OMS CF08) DNF

British Sprint Championship standings after Round 26:

1. Miles 445pts
2. Goulding 420 pts
3. Blackwell 417pts
4. Loudon 389pts
5. Tonge 368pts
6. Bainbridge 357pts
7. Wallis 347pts
8. Anson 347pts
9. Hillam 296pts
10. Broughton 256pts


A win and a 2nd for Matt Hillam (Kim Broughton)

A good week-end for Robert Tonge (Anthony Mitchell)

Mark Anson lies 8th in the championship (Anthony Mitchell)

Steve Broughton took a podium in the Dallara (Kim Broughton)

Miles ahead at Blyton Park as records tumble

Event 14 at Blyton Park on 25/09/2021
On Day one of Nottingham Sports Car Club's Roger Carrington memorial week-end at Bltyon Park, held on Blyton Park's Eastern circuit the chase for the 2021 British Sprint Championship, Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) maintained his lead with a Run Off win and a second plus a new record, following a test on the Wednesday prior to bed in new brakes but reverting to the old set up for race day. Matt Hillam (SBD Dallara) has had a restricted season but was still a potential challenger, having only lost one Run Off out of eight he had contested and arriving with some new aero updates. However, like Miles and Pete Goulding (Mygale Ecoboost) the Dallara was running new tyres which affected the car's balance and  it took a few runs to dial the handling in resulting in a second and third place result.

With just 12 competitors present, qualification for the Run Offs wasn't as intense as usual with Goulding comfortably heading the times for Run Off 1 (running with hastily repaired/borrowed wishbones following his Northern Ireland mishap) from Miles, Broughton (SBD Dallara) and a rapid Robert Tonge in his Busa powered Force TA.

In the first Run Off timing problems intervened and both Goulding and Miles were required to take re-runs. But by this time heavy drizzle had started and Goulding, going first, couldn't match his earlier times on the damp track and finished sixth. Miles, going a little later on a damp but drying track found enough grip and speed to emerge fastest and win the Run Off about a second ahead of Hillam. In third place, another second further back, with a standout performance, was Simon Wallis in the OMS 3000M.

Broughton was fourth ahead of an encouraging performance from Steve Brown  familiarising himself with his newly acquired, Busa powered, Empire Evo 2.

Qualifying for Run Off 2 saw Miles ahead of Broughton, Hillam, Goulding and John Loudon in his 1100cc Force HC.

By the time Run Off 2 took place the track conditions had improved considerably and five new British Sprint class records were set. Goulding edged out Miles by four hundredths to take the win - both with new class records. Hillam was third just two hundredths behind Miles in a result which could be significant at the end of the year ahead of Tonge (new class record), Broughton and Loudon (new class record). Simon Bainbridge (SBR Crono) had been having gearbox issues and swapped to a manual push/pull set up, slowly finding speed to take sixth and another new record.

Goulding, yet to drop scores, closed the gap to Miles (who dropped 13 and 19 points scores) in the Championship.


Blyton Park Eastern September 25th 2021


SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Rounds 23 & 24

Run Off 1 (Round 23)
1. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 61.88secs
2. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 62.75secs
3. Simon Wallis (1.1 OMS 3000M) 63.82secs
4. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 64.85secs
5. Steve Brown (1.3 Empire Evo 2) 65.60secs
6= Pete Goulding(1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 65.69secs
      John Loudon (1.1 Force HC)
8. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono) 65.83secs
9. Robert Tonge (1.4 Force TA) 65.97secs
10. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 66.75secs
11. Tony Beesley (1.0 Jedi MK4) 67.14secs
12. Carole Torkington (1.5 SBD OMS CF08) 82.46secs

Run Off 2 (Round 24)
1. Pete Goulding(1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 60.88secs
2. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 60.92secs
3. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 60.94secs
4. Robert Tonge (1.4 Force TA) 62.96secs
5. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 63.36secs
6. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 63.69secs
7. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono) 63.95secs
8. Simon Wallis (1.1 OMS 3000M) 65.69secs
9. Steve Brown (1.3 Empire Evo 2) 66.52secs
10. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 67.14secs
11. Tony Beesley (1.0 Jedi MK4) 67.73secs
12. Carole Torkington (1.5 SBD OMS CF08) 73.24secs

Steve Miles extended his championship lead (Anthony Mitchell)

Pete Goulding took a Run Off win (Anthony Mitchell)

An encouraging start for Steve Brown's Empire (Anthony Mitchell)

A well deserved third for Simon Wallis' OMS (Anthony Mitchell)

Porrett & Goulding share the spoils at Kirkistown

Event 13 at Kirkistown on 08/08/2021
Just six competitors were left to contest Rounds 21 and 22 of the SBD Motorsport UK HSA British Sprint championship at Kirkistown on August 8th.

Fresh from his maiden victory the day before, Graham Porrett (Lola T90 Tegra) set the pace in qualifying for Run Off 1  by over four seconds ahead of the two Mygale Ecoboosts of Pete Goulding (with repaired rear suspension from the Saturday) and Graham Blackwell, who were separated by half a second. In Run Off 1 Porrett matched his qualifying time to take the win while, of the two Mygales, it was Blackwell who improved the most to take second ahead of Goulding. 

Blackwell continued to improve his times and led qualifying (and took an extra point for a new class record) for Run Off 2 ahead of Goulding and Mark Anson (Jedi MK6). Porrett's standout week-end took a downward course as gearbox problems intervened, not for the first time this year. The final Run Off of the week-end saw the closest finish with Goulding just pipping Balckwell by a hundredth of a second. John Loudon (Force HC) took his second podium of the week-end in third (with a new class record) ahead of Anson who went for it on his last run, Grahame Harden (his Radical PR6 having an issue free week-end) and a struggling Porrett .

The week-end's results had a profound effect on the championship positions. After taking into account dropped scores, Blackwell moved to within eight points of leader, Steve Miles, and Goulding jumped up to third ahead of the improving Loudon and Anson.

As is customary at Kirkistown, the British Sprint contingent were joined by a variety of unusual and very rapid local competitors for the event. Among them were Alan Cassells OMS 25 who was fasrtest on the Saturday and Gerard O'Connell's Dallara WS who was second fastest on both days.


Kirkistown 8th August 2021

500 MRCI

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Rounds 21 & 22

Run Off 1 (Round 21)
1. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 112.13secs
2. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 113.27secs
3. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 115.27secs
4. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 120.57secs
5. Graham Harden (1.3 Radical PR6) 121.51secs
6. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 126.83secs

Run Off 2 (Round 22)
1. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 113.45secs
2. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 113.46secs
3. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 118.36secs
4. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 119.75secs
5. Graham Harden (1.3 Radical PR6) 121.54secs
6. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 151.00secs

British Sprint Championship standings after Knockhill:

1. Miles 425pts
2. Blackwell 417pts
3. Goulding 384 pts
4. Loudon 349 pts
5. Anson 340 pts
6. Bainbridge 331pts


A Run Off win for Pete Goulding at Kirkistown (Tom Maxwell)

Another podium for John Loudon's Force HC (Tom Maxwell)

Alan Cassells' OMS was fastest on Saturday (Tom Maxwell)

The rapid Dallara WS of Gerard O'Connell (Tom Maxwell)

Blackwell and Porrett take maiden wins at Kirkistown

Event 12 at Kirkistown on 07/08/2021
Eight British Sprint competitors made the trip to Northern Ireland for the 500 MRCI's traditional summer sprint at the fast Kirkistown circuit located in County Down south east of Belfast. With championship leader, Steve Miles, absent due to a family medical emergency, other championship contenders were looking to make up ground, notably Graham Blackwell (Mygale Ecoboost) who managed a sighting lap on Friday in his camper van!

The week-end failed to get off to a good start for Simon Bainbridge (SBR Crono) who broke a rod end in practice and and then breaking a prop shaft in qualifying. An early ferry home was the result.  Blackwell's practice run was red flagged due to the preceding runner dropping a glove half way round the track (?). Nick Houston (OMS Hornet) set a slow time in qualifying, which was a little damp for some competitors, and failed to start the Run Off. Pete Goulding in the other Mygale Ecoboost led the qualifiers from Graham Porrett, on his own this week-end in the Lola T90 Tegra.

Run Off 1 saw Blackwell make the biggest improvement in times to take his first ever win from the similar car of Goulding by half a second with Porrett just behind in third. The remaining places were taken by Mark Anson with his best result in fourth in the Jedi MK6, Grahame Harden (Radical PR6) and John Loudon (Force HC) who was still struggling with the oil/water and gearchange issues that have dogged him recently.

Qualifying for the second Run Off saw the field lose another runner as Goulding sheared a rear suspension clevis pin, spin and bend a wishbone while Porrett set the pace from Blackwell. In Run Off 2 Porrett scored his maiden victory, with the best British Sprint time of the day, ahead of Blackwell and Loudon who scored his first ever podium despite his ongoing problems. 


Kirkistown 7th August 2021

500 MRCI

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Rounds 19 & 20

Run Off 1 (Round 19)
1. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 115.51secs
2. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 116.10secs
3. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 116.47secs
4. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 122.28secs
5. Grahame Harden (1.3 Radical PR6) 122.59secs
6. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 123.62secs
Nick Houston (1.0 OMS Hornet) DNS
Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono) DNS

Run Off 2 (Round 20)
1. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 114.38secs
2. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 116.03secs
3. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 121.72secs
4. Grahame Harden (1.3 Radical PR6) 122.47secs
5. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 122.82secs


Graham Blackwell won the first Run Off at Kirkistown (Tom Maxwell)

Graham Porrett was another first time winner at Kirkistown (Tom Maxwell)

Nick Houston had a difficult time in the OMS Hornet (Tom Maxwell)

Another good result for Mark Anson's Jedi (Tom Maxwell)

Miles bounces back at Knockhill

Event 11 at Knockhill on 25/07/2021
Following a disappointing first day of Knockhill Motorsports Club's summer Sprint week-end, Championship leader, Steve Miles bounced back on day two on the clockwise running of the track to take a pair of Run Off wins and a new class record to recover some of the championship points lost the day before.

Reigning champion, John Graham, had been hoping to return with a repaired wishbone but this proved not to be possible so the entry remained as on the previous day. Terry Holmes (Lola T90 Tegra), fresh from a pair of wins on the Saturday, qualifying for Run Off 1 from Miles (Van Diemen RF96) by about half a second and Pete Goulding (Mygale Ecoboost) in third.

 In Run Off 1 Miles and Holmes pretty much reversed their qualifying times giving Miles the win. Graham Blackwell (Mygale Ecoboost) fouind over three seconds to move ahead of Goulding's similar car and collect a bonus point for a new class record. Next up was Simon Bainbridge in the SBR Crono which had damage to the ducting and radiator reapired overnight. He was also taking part in the Super Lap Scotland event and putting the extra laps (60 over the week-end!) track time to good use. Graham Porrett showed that the big Lola he shares with Holmes was working well by taking sixth.

Qualifying for Run Off 2 saw Goulding put in a quick run to go fastest just ahead of Miles and Blackwell. Holmes stripped a couple of gears on his run although he set a time so just qualified for the Run Off although his good fortune came at the cost of co-driver, Porrett, missing out.

Miles had everything running right for the final Run Off and set the only sub 92s run of the day to take the win and an extra point for a new record. This helped him claw back four championship points from the ten he had lost the previous day to Blackwell who remained second in the table with a third in the Run Off.

The Holmes/Porrett team executed a well rehearsed gear ratio change very quickly before final run off and although sounding a little noisy Holmes managed to put in a good run to take second. Goulding took a slightly wrong line into Clerks and found himself going backwards into the gravel and losing all his gears at the same time for a non finish.

Mark Anson (Jedi MK6) was suffering from cooling issues but still managed a PB and took seventh in the final Run Off just behind Robert Tonge's Force TA. Despite still having gearchange problems John Loudon (Force HC) finished ninth behind Stephen Mallett's Radical PR6.


Knockhill clockwise July 25 2021

Knockhill Motorsport Club

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Rounds 17 & 18

Run Off 1 (Round 17)
1. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 92.12secs
2. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola T90 Tegra) 92.56secs
3. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 92.64secs
4. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 94.73secs
5. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono) 96.17secs
6. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 98.46secs
7. Robert Tonge (1.4 Force TA) 96.36secs
8 Simon Wallis (1.1 OMS 3000M) 100.72secs
9. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 103.73secs
10. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 105.32secs
11 Graham Harden (1.3 Radical PR6) 107.19secs
12. Stephen Mallett DNF

Run Off 2 (Round 18)
1. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 91.85secs
2. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola T90 Tegra) 92.13secs
3. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 94.55secs
4. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono) 96.787secs
5. Robert Tonge (1.4 Force TA) 98.25secs
6. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 100.10secs
7. Stephen Mallett (1.3 Radical PR6) 104.17secs
8. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 104.59secs
9. Graham Harden (1.3 Radical PR6) 106.29secs
10. Richard Mallett (1.3 Radical PR6) 109.18secs
11. Simon Wallis (1.1 OMS 3000M) 125.25secs
12. Pete Goulding DNF

British Sprint Championship standings after Knockhill:

Miles 425pts
Blackwell 383pts
Bainbridge 331pts
Wallis 320pts
Goulding 312pts
Tonge 305pts

Steve Miles 'on it' at Knockhill (John Stewart)

A successful week-end for the Bainbridge Crono (John Stewart)

2nd in the championship and a new class record for Graham Blackwell (John Stewart)

Graham Porrett 'monsters' the chicane in the Lola (John Stewart)

Holmes back with a bang at Knockhill

Event 10 at Knockhill on 24/07/2021
After missing the last round at Lydden Hill, Terry Holmes returned to the British Sprint Championship at Knockhill in the Lola T90 Tegra, which he shares with Graham Porrett, to take a pair of Run Off wins in fine style.

Running in the anti-clockwise direction on the challenging Knockhill circuit qualifying for Run Off 1 saw the two championship leaders Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) and Graham Blackwell (Mygale Ecoboost) at the top of the time sheet. Miles had an alternator bolt work loose on the way to the line and needed to cable tie it in place and run on battery power alone. The pair were ahead of Holmes who had replaced a part of the Lola's inner CV joint on Friday evening.

Grahame Harden recovered from a trip into the gravel in practice to qualify tenth in his Radical PR6 while current champion, John Graham (Gould GR55B), didn't get out on to the track having discovered a broken wishbone.

Holmes got the big Lola really motoring in Run Off 1, taking two seconds off his qualifying time, to take the win from the two Mygale Ecoboosts of Blackwell and Pete Goulding who were both slightly down on their qualifying times with Goulding wondering if his recently fitted larger turbo was causing more throttle lag and slowing him down. Next up was Simon Bainbridge in the SBR Crono (who was also taking part in the Super Lap Scotland event - which he won! - making for a busy week-end) from Robert Tonge continuing his run of good form in the Force TA Busa.

But what of Miles? His run was aborted at the first corner with the handling feeling decidedly odd. Further inspection revealed a rear wheel and tyre on the front axle and a front wheel and tyre on the rear axle! The problem was quickly resolved but vital championship points had been lost.

Qualifying for the second Run Off followed a similar pattern to the first with Porrett showing well to place in the mid order (equal sixth with Tonge) ahead of the other qualifiers, Simon Wallis (OMS 3000M), Mark Anson (Jedi MK6), John Loudon (Force HC) and Stephen Mallett (Radical PR6). The Loudon Force was suffering from a number of problems including gearchange consistency and coolant and fuel coming together where they shouldn't.

The second Run Off was a close affair with Holmes edging out Miles by 0.14s with both drivers on the ragged edge. The battle for third was between the two Mygales with Blackwell finishing ahead of Goulding by 1.03s, followed by Bainbridge, Porrett and Tonge.

The Bainbridge SBR Crono visited the gravel after the finish (?) needing overnight repairs by John Hansell and Andy Pybus.

The results moved Blackwell ten points closer to Miles in the championship.

Finally, former British Sprint Champion, Stewart Robb Snr, was taking part in the Modsports races in a TVR Turscan and by the look of the fine action photo taken by John Stewart, he has lost none of his driving enthusiasm! He started both races from pole and finished third on both occasions.


Knockhill anti clockwise July 24 2021

Knockhill Motorsport Club

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Rounds 15 & 16

Run Off 1 (Round 15)
1. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola T90 Tegra) 90.17secs
2. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 91.39secs
3. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 92.29secs
4. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono) 94.10secs
5. Robert Tonge (1.4 Force TA) 96.36secs
6. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 92.24secs
7 Simon Wallis (1.1 OMS 3000M) 99.34secs
8. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 99.55secs
9. Stephen Mallett (1.3 Radical PR6) 100.76secs
10 Graham Harden (1.3 Radical PR6) 105.50secs
11. Richard Mallett (1.3 Radical PR6) 112.21secs
12. Steve Miles DNF

Run Off 2 (Round 16)
1. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola T90 Tegra) 90.31secs
2. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 90.45secs
3. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 91.26secs
4. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale Ecoboost) 92.29secs
5. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono) 92.82secs
6. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 93.58secs
7. Robert Tonge (1.4 Force TA) 95.53secs
8. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 99.32secs
9. Stephen Mallett (1.3 Radical PR6) 100.52secs
10. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 100.78secs
11. Graham Harden (1.3 Radical PR6) 102.74secs
12. Simon Wallis (1.1 OMS 3000M) 116.34secs

Terry Holmes was back on form at Knockhill (John Stewart)

A pair of Run Off appearances for Stephen Mallett's Radical (John Stewart)

All the right wheels, just not in the right places..... (John Stewart)

Stewart Robb Snr in the Modsports race (John tewart)

Miles thwarted as Hillam charges on

Event 9 at Lydden Hill on 17/07/2021
The SBD Motorsport UK HSA British Sprint championship made their annual trip to the far South East for Borough 19's Ray Heal Memorial sprint at  a very hot Lydden Hill on July17th. Championship leader, Steve Miles, suffered a frustrating day but remained at the top of the standings while Matt Hillam is emerging as a 2021 title favourite after taking his fifth and sixth Run Off victories in a row.

The first timed run (and qualification for the first Run Off) saw Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) set a time of 66.51s which was to remain the fastest of the day - something to do with the heat and tyres perhaps? Matt Hillam (SBD Dallara F399) was a couple of tenths behind, with the pair two seconds ahead of the rest of the field led by Graham Blackwell (Mygale Ecoboost) and Hillam's co-driver, Steve Broughton. Reigning Champion, John Graham, was fifth in the Gould GR55B but was already suffering from electrical problems and was unable to continue further.
Carole Torkington in the SBD OMS CF08 went well to qualify ninth ahead of Tony Beesley and Mark Anson in their Jedis with the latter on the back foot after a trip into the gravel in practice.

Hillam won the first Run Off by over a second, after a re-run due to timing issues, from Blackwell (having removed 1/2 kilo of water trapped in his rear wing!) and Broughton with Simon Wallis getting under 70secs to take fourth in his OMS 3000M. The OMS was suffering from fuel pump problems which were overcome by routing a direct connection from the battery to the pump but despite this the driver was finding the track much to his liking. Simon Bainbridge (SBR Crono) was having 4th gear problems and sixth place was his best result of the day although at least his Avons were holding up well in the heat. But what of Miles? On his first Run Off attempt he caught another runner and was duly offered a re-run but he was sent out immediately, the car overheated and he was only able to finish seventh.

Qualifying for the second Run Off saw Hillam ahead of Broughton and Blackwell but with only half a second covering all three drivers. Then came Miles, Wallis (having found a couple of seconds after fitting new tyres) and Pete Goulding who was having a subdued event in the Mygale Ecoboost although traction control problems didn't help. John Loudon qualified 11th, with the Force HC troubled by a sticking clutch pedal, and ahead of final qualifier, Nick Houston, in his OMS Hornet which was experiencing intermittent power delivery issues all day.

Hillam took Run Off Two from Blackwell who was just over a tenth ahead of a recovering Miles who had a part of his trailer fly out of a sidepod (?) during the run and be recovered by a marshal. Broughton was fourth with the SBD pair finding the larger tyres fitted to the Dallara withstanding the heat better than others. Wallis and Goulding were next up to round out the top six.

In the Championship table, Miles' lead has been cut and he now leads Blackwell by 57 points, but Hillam, who missed a number of early season events and may only be down in ninth place, has won all but one of the Run Offs he has contested. 


Lydden Hill July 17th 2021

Borough 19

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Rounds 13 & 14

Run Off 1 (Round 13)
Matthew Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 67.29secs
Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale EcoBoost) 68.49secs
Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 69.14secs
Simon Wallis (1.1 OMS 3000M) 69.67secs
Peter Goulding (1.6t Mygale EcoBoost) 70.32secs
Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono) 71.18secs
Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 71.55secs
Tony Beesley  (1.0 Jedi MK4) 72.54secs
Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 74.32secs
Carole Torkington (1.5 SBD OMS CF08) 74.36secs
John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 75.16secs
John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) DNF

Run Off 2 (Round 14)
Matthew Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 66.77secs
Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale EcoBoost) 67.20secs
Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 67.34secs
Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 68.34secs
Simon Wallis (1.1 OMS 3000M) 69.94secs
Peter Goulding (1.6t Mygale EcoBoost) 70.19secs
Tony Beesley (1.0 Jedi MK4) 71.65secs
Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Crono) 72.07secs
Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 73.65secs
Carole Torkington (1.5 SBD OMS CF08) 73.92secs
John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 75.16secs
Nick Houston (1.0 OMS Hornet) 93.21secs

British Sprint Championship standings after Lydden:

Miles 337pts
Blackwell 289pts
Wallis 254pts
Bainbridge 245pts
Loudon 238pts
Goulding 232pts

Matt Hillam won both Run Offs at Lydden (Kim Broughton)

Nick Houston's OMS Hornet made a Run Off appearance (Kim Broughton)

Graham Blackwell holds 2nd in the Championship (Kim Broughton)

Simon Wallis had a good event in the OMS 3000M (Kim Broughton)

Another double for Hillam

Event 8 at Snetterton on 27/06/2021
At Snetterton on Sunday June 27 Matt Hillam repeated his performance from the previous day by taking another pair of Run Off wins and, by winning five out of the last six Run Offs, served notice of his 2021 championship challenge. His SBD Dallara has been the recipient of aero updates from John Hughes and John Hansell and chassis set-up from Triple M Motorsport - to great effect.

After a clear and warm Saturday, competitors arrived to find a misty and slightly damp track following overnight rain but this quickly disappeared leaving another fine day with excellent conditions.

Hillam qualified fastest for Run Off 1 from Pete Goulding's Mygale Ecoboost and Terry Holmes, getting back up to speed in the repaired Lola Tegra Judd. Despite suffering from sickness and an upset stomach, Graham Blackwell (Mygale Ecoboost) put in a good preformance to qualify sixth while Simon Wallis (OMS 3000M) maintained his and Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) 2021 100% Run Off qualification record. The Force TAs of Robert Tonge (brakes) and Chris Jones (electrical) continued to have issues and failed to qualify.

Run Off 1 saw Hillam win by over a second (and break Nick Algar's 2 litre record) from Miles with Goulding, Holmes and Blackwell next up. John Loudon (Force HC) took an excellent ninth to hold on to his fifth place in the championship.

Qaulifying for Run Off 2 followed a similar pattern to the first although Robert Tonge had overcome his brake issues and qualified seventh. Simon Bainbridge (SBR Crono V8) only just qualified in eleventh after driving the second lap one handed with the other holding the driver's door after the tape repair had broken and he didn't want to risk getting red flagged! Caught on camera by Jane Loudon.....

Wallis just missed out in 13th place leaving Miles as the only competitor with a 100% qualification record this year. The Run Off saw Hillam maintain his level of performance to complete a perfect week-end from Miles and Goulding. Blackwell, having improved his times throughout the day, moved up to fourth and Simon Bainbridge finished seventh having run consistently on both days in the SBR Crono V8 to sit sixth in the championship, just one point behind Loudon. John Graham was back in ninth place and wondering if the 18 month lay off was contributing to him and the Gould being off their normal pace.

Although not appearing in the Run Offs Stephen and Richard Mallet (Radical PR6) and Carole Torkington (PBs on both days in her OMS CF08) got quicker as the week-end went on and felt that the long trip to Snetterton was very worthwhile. Mark Anson's Jedi was running new brake discs but they  which weren't having the required effect.

Finally, a big thank you to the Borough 19 team (Roger Grimes, Carol Glenn et al) who, as usual, ran an efficient and enjoyable event.
Simon Bainbridge hangs on! (Jane Loudon)
Simon Bainbridge hangs on! (Jane Loudon)

Steve Miles left Snetterton with a healthy lead (Kim Broughton)

Terry Holmes (in car) and Graham Porrett back in the Lola (Simon Reid @

Richard Mallet's Radical PR6 (Kim Broughton)

Carole Torkington with Simon Bainbridge in the background (Kim Broughton)

Hillam begins Championship charge at Snetterton

Event 7 at Snetterton on 26/06/2021
After missing all but 2 of this year's British Sprint Championship rounds, Matt Hillam made a clear statement of competitive intent by winning rounds 9 to 12 in the SBD Dallara at Snetterton making it 5 wins and a second from 6 rounds.

A strong field assembled for the ever popular and efficiently run Borough 19 Snetterton Sprint on June 26/27. After missing Pembrey a number of competitors re-appeared including Pete Goulding in the Mygale, Terry Holmes and Graham Porrett with a repaired gearbox casing, wing and bodywork on the Lola Tegra Judd, father and son Mallet down from the Stirling area in their Radical PR6. Making their first appearances of the year were Grahame Harden, throughly enjoying his Radical PR6 and the Chris Bennett/Chris Jones Force TA which was still in 'development mode' with its latest gen Suzuki GSXR engine.

In the first timed run (and qualifiying for the first Run Off) Matt Hillam was easily the fastest by nearly four seconds from Steve Broughton sharing the same car. John Graham was happy to qualify the big Gould GR55B fifth with his coolant problems fixed and Chris Jones did well to qualify the recalcitrant Force TA ninth. Graham Blackwell's Mygale went into limp mode due to excess charge air temperature and completed a slow run.

Run Off 1 saw Hillam take a narrow win by 0.13s from Steve Miles' Van Diemen RF96 with Goulding, Broughton and Graham filling the next positions.  Jones improved to seventh but disappointed to be well off his PB and even further away from the potential of the new motor. Tony Beesley (Jedi MK4) and Simon Wallis (OMS 3000M) finished 10th and 11th while Robert Tonge's Force TA Busa non started while he fixed his brake bias issues.

Qualifying for Run Off 2 again saw Hillam out in front, this time from Miles and Goulding (new class record) with Tonge re-appearing to qualify seventh and Harden going well in eleventh. Jones failed to qualify as the car stalled with four wheels across the line - later diagnosed as pinched wheel speed sensor cables sending confusing messages to the ECU.

Hillam won Run Off 2 by over a second from Goulding with Miles a little way behind. Tonge was an impressive sixth from Blackwell and Graham. 

Runaway championship leader (in more ways than one because he kept forgetting to chock his car in the sloping paddock!) Steve Miles had decided to go for outright wins in the belief that at the end of the season they would be likely to determine the final outcome. However, this driving approach didn't necessarily get the most out of the Van Diemen but a second and third were fair rewards and maintained his healthy lead in the championship.

A pair of wins for Hillam's Dallara (Kim Broughton)

Pete Goulding's Mygale (Simon Reid @

Another strong result from Robert Tonge's Force TA (Kim Broughton)

John Graham's Gould GR55B (Simon Reid @

A Miles double at Pembrey

Event 6 at Pembrey on 06/06/2021
The second day of the BARC Wales sprint week-end held on the Club circuit saw Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) strengthen his hold on the 2021 British Sprint championship with a pair of Run Off wins and a new record.

The entry was unchanged from the previous day with one exception. Overnight the SBD team had discovered a damaged cambelt on the Dallara leading to the car's withdrawl. Matt Hillam was left without a drive while Steve Broughton moved across to share the Westfield Ecoboost with Zoe Kingham. In contrast to the day before the weather was hot which casued some concern over tyres.

In Run Off one, drivers were reporting a lack of grip but Miles took the win with a 105.87s, half a second ahead of John Graham's Gould GR55B with Rob Tonge's Force TA a second further back to take a well deserved podium. Graham Blackwell (Mygale M12)  confirmed his strong start to the 2021 season and second place in the championship with fourth place.

Despite (or because of) hot tyres the Miles Van Diemen stormed to an easy win in Run Off two with a 104.27s run and a new record. He was nearly three seconds clear of the surprised and delighted second place competitior, Rob Tonge in the Force TA, with John Graham (after experiencing gear selection problems earlier in the day) and Graham Blackwell filling the next two positions.

Having run well in the first Run Off the SBD Westfield had an off in the second. With Steve Broughton at the wheel, the rear stepped out on the entry to Woodlands and a small correction which the car slightly wide, causing it to head towards the edge of the circuit and touch the grass causing a spin. Simon Bainbridge had a door work loose mid run but this was fixed with some gaffer tape.

Championship positions after Pembrey were Steve Miles (200pts), Graham Blackwell (172pts) and Rob Tonge (167pts).

MOLE Racing celebrate a successful week-end

Simon Wallis' OMS 3000M, two 7th places in the Run Offs

Hillam and Miles share the spoils at Pembrey

Event 5 at Pembrey on 05/06/2021
Matt Hillam (SBD Dallara) and Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) shared the British Sprint Run Off wins at Pembrey for the first day of BARC Wales Pembrey Sprint on June 5th held on the National circuit. The day saw intermittent drizzle and dry spells making conditions tricky for competitors.

Hillam's Dallara F399, making its first British Sprint appearance of the year, was benefiting from recent aero updates and won the first Run Off comfortably by two seconds from Miles with a 93.91s run. The Dallara's other driver, Steve Broughton took third from John Graham (Gould GR55B). The Forces of John Loudon and Rob Tonge again showed well to claim 6th and 7th respectively.

In the second Run Off Miles and Hillam reversed their positions with Miles narrowly taking the win with a 103.07s while Simon Bainbridge hustled the mighty V8 powered SBR Chrono (with a new diff following the Blyton breakage) round to take an encouraging third place, a mere tenth of a second behind Hillam. Steve Broughton aborted his T3 run with a throttle issue and didn't qualify for the Run Off. John Loudon (Force HC) took an excellent fourth ahead of Markn Anson's Jedi MK6 and Tob Tonge's Force TA. Notable Run Off appearances included Carole Torkington (OMS CF08 in ninth) and Zoe Kingham (SBD Westfield in tenth).

Miles' performance was all the more creditable having damaged a rear wing on his trailer, left his air bottle at home and set fire to his camper van.....

Zoe Kingham, tenth in Run Off 2

Mark Anson took an impressive fifth place

Steve Miles was on fire at Pembrey - literally!

Miles repeats to extend Championship lead

Event 2 at Blyton Park on 16/05/2021
Rounds three and four of the 2021 British Sprint Championship took place on Blyton's Outer circuit on May 16th with Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) and Pete Goulding (Mygale M12) repeating their indentical performances from the previous day. Not that it wasn't close though. In the first Run Off, Miles' time of 56.57s was only 0.03s quicker than Goulding while in Run Off 2 Miles' time of 56.29s was 0.40s clear of Goulding.

John Loudon in the 998cc Force TA took third in the first Run Off from Graham Blackwell's Mygale, positions they were to reverse in Run Off 2. Other notable performances included Mark Anson (Jedi Mk6) and Simon Wallis (OMS 3000M) who each managed a fifth place.

Chris Fulke-Greville (HMA Turner) and Tony Beesley (Jedi Mk4 and despite dicovering a crack in the chassis) also made Run Off appearances.

Competitors were pleasantly surprised to finish the week-end without seeing any significant rain but Steve Miles was even happier with his 4 point lead at the top of the Championship standings - and with a largely trouble free week-end apart from having to swap out a cracked brake disc.


A good start to the Championship for Pete Goulding (Anthony Mitchell)

A fine third in Run Off 1 for John Loudon (Anthony Mitchell)

Tony Beesley scored good points in spite of problems (Anthony Mitchell)

Chris Fulke-Greville made a Run Off appearance in the Turner (Anthony Mitchell)

Miles double at Blyton

Event 1 at Blyton Park on 15/05/2021
The first two scoring rounds of the 2021 SBD Motorsport UK HSA British Sprint Championship took place at Longton's Blyton Sprint week-end (15/16 May) on the Eastern circuit.

Qualifying for the first round took place in T1 and the twelve fastest competitors had their T2 times taken as the first 'Run Off' with Steve Miles' heavily modified Van Diemen RF96 putting in a cracking time of 61.96s to take maximum points from Pete Goulding's Mygale and Terry Holmes' Lola Tegra. Robert Tonge's Busa engined Force TA went well to take sixth followed by John Loudon's 1100cc Class Force HC Suzuki.

Qualifying for Round 2 took place in T3 and saw Richard and Stephen Mallet in their shared Radical PR6 both make the Run Off which was again won by Steve Miles with a 62.79s run and again from Pete Goulding while Rob Tonge improved to fourth. Terry Holmes put a right rear on the dirt and got a tank slapper on into Curva Grande and went backwards into the wall, putting him and Graham Porrett out for the week-end. Simon Bainbridge (fourth in Round 1) blew a diff and was also out for the week-end.


Steve Miles won the first two rounds of the 2021 British Sprint (Anthony Mitchell)

Rob Tonge took a fourth and sixth in the Force TA (Anthony Mitchell)

Richard Mallet was ninth in round 2 (Anthony Mitchell)

A fifth for Simon Wallis in Run Off 2 (Anthony Mitchell)

A Champion's end to the season for John Graham

Event 17 at Anglesey on 06/10/2019
John Graham Gould GR55B) made it a fitting climax to the 2019 British Sprint Championship by taking the final Run Off win of the season and sealing his first National Championship title from an equally pleased Pete Goulding (Mygale M13).

Matt Hillam (SBD Dallara) again topped the timesheets in qualifying over a second clear of Graham and Alan Mugglestone (Van Diemen RF96). Some changes had been made to the SBD Dallara overnight, particularly to the aero  to reduce its speed deficit to the more powerful cars on the International circuit's long back straight. Jeff Wiltshire (Zeus Challenger) made the cut and was the fastest Libre car with a new class record.

The final Run Off of the season was full of incident when Jeff Wiltshire lost the clutch on the line with his Zues Challenger, the Lola Tegra of Terry Holmes and Graham Porrett found itself stuck in first gear and the engine in Nick Algar's DJ Firehawk let go after sounding very rough as he left the line.

Through it all John Graham used the V8 power in the Gould on his final run to improve on Matt Hillam's time by half a second to take the win. Matt's strong week-end showing was enough to move him up to third place in the Championship.

And then Steve Miles committed a cardinal sin of shared drives by forgetting to return to the change over area to let his co-driver take his run! His excuse was that he had been running second all week-end until the final run of the day. However, Alan Mugglestone remained calm as the Van Diemen returned to the start area and posted a time good enough for third place ahead of Steve Broughton (SBD Dallara), Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) and Pete Goulding (Mygale M13) in a creditable sixth to complete a very successful season.

John Loudon (Force HC) rounded off his first season in single seaters with an eighth place and secured a 'number' for 2020 by finishing twelth overall in the championship.

Finally, mention should be made of the efficient manner in which Longton & District ran the fully subscribed event. A single practice, three timed runs and the Top 12 Run Off all completed by 3pm.


Anglesey International Oct 6 2019

Longton & District Motor Club

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 17

1. John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) 75.17secs
2. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 75.98secs
3. Alan Mugglestone (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 77.21secs
4. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 78.13secs
5. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 79.43secs
6. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale M13) 78.56secs
7. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Chrono) 81.60secs
8. John Loudon (1.0 Force HC) 83.43secs
9. Nick Algar (1.3t DJ Firehawk) 85.88secs
10. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 92.19secs
11. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra) 177.52secs

Final (after tie breaks) 2019 British Sprint Championship positions

1. John Graham 104pts
2. Pete Goulding 101pts
3. Matt Hillam 100pts
4. Nick Algar 97pts
5. Steve Broughton 82pts
6. Terry Holmes 81pts
7. Steve Miles 78pts
8. Graham Blackwell 78pts
9. Colin Calder 72pts
10. Simon Bainbridge 57pts
11. Heather Calder 52pts
12. John Loudon 40pts

John Graham will be wearing No. 1 next season (Anthony Mitchell)

Jeff Wiltshire made the Run Offs but the car failed (Neil Lambert)

Championship runner up - Pete Goulding (Neil Lambert)

The sun sets on another season (Jane Loudon)

Hillam's day at Anglesey

Event 16 at Anglesey on 05/10/2019
Matt Hillam (SBD Dallara) took an emphatic win on the Anglesey National circuit in the penultimate round of the 2019 British Sprint Championship while John Graham (Gould GR55B) edged closer to his first title.

Going into the event Graham was a single point ahead of Pete Goulding (Mygale M13) in the Championship but  taking into account dropped scores needed to score a 10 or better to improve his total while Goulding needed an 11.

Alan Mugglestone was making an appearance in the MOLE Racing Van Diemen RF96 and it was going to be interesting to see what performance gains the setup guru could find in the 23 year old spaceframe chassis.

As early as practice both SBD Dallara drivers were pronouncing that the car was the best it had ever been and was well suited to the shorter National circuit. Indeed, qualifying saw Hillam at the top of the timesheets a tenth ahead of Graham who was another tenth ahead of the other SBD Dallara driver, Steve Broughton. Actually, it was Goulding who set the fastest time in T1 and this was despite his helmet moving at speed and forcing his glasses off his eyes so he was having difficulty seeing where he was going!

The field was closely packed behind Goulding in fourth with Nick Algar (DJ Firehawk) just behind and ahead of the MOLE Racing duo with Steve Miles a tenth ahead of Mugglestone. However, the guest driver was concentrating on getting the balance of the car right and to where it would behave as the driver wanted. This involved rear packers, ARBs, ride height and a bit of aero and the benefit was to be quickly revealed in the Run Offs..

Matt Hillam made a clear statement of intent with his first Run Off run posting a 45.91s with John Graham next up with a 47.13s. For the second run the skies clouded over and there was a suggestion of a light misting drizzle with most drivers unable to improve their times. The one exception was Alan Mugglestone who did a 46.92s to split Hillam and Graham to take an impressive second. They were followed by Broughton, Algar and Holmes.

Graham's 10 points moved him another point clear of Goulding whose 7 was not enought to advance his total.


Anglesey National Oct 5 2019

Longton & District Motor Club

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 16

1. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 45.91secs
2. Alan Mugglestone (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 46.92secs
3. John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) 47.13secs
4. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 47.26secs
5. Nick Algar (1.3t DJ Firehawk) 47.68secs
6. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra) 47.76secs
7. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 48.13secs
8. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale M13) 48.20secs
9. John Loudon (1.0 Force HC) 50.43secs
10. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 50.88secs
11. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Chrono) 51.05secs
12. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 51.85secs

Matt Hillam was unbeatable at Anglesey (Anthony Mitchell)

Alan Mugglestone was a fine second in the Van Diemen (Neil Lambert)

Mark Anson made the Run Offs in his Jedi (Neil Lambert)

John Loudon finished the week-end 12th overall (Jane Loudon)

Graham inches ahead as Holmes wins

Event 14 at Knockhill on 08/09/2019
A second place behind the Top 12 Run Off winner Terry Holmes (Lola Tegra) was enough to move John Graham one point clear in the 2019 British Sprint Championship ahead of rival, Pete Goulding (Mygale M13).

The Sunday part of the Knockhill double header was run on the clockwise track and saw a number of competitors encounter problems. The Nick Algar DJ Firehawk lost an oil breather leading to oil on the exhaust and a fire during practice. A large leak was also discovered and the car was withdrawn. The Terry Holmes Lola Tegra went off at the first right hander in practice but was repaired in time for qualification. The Simon Bainbridge SBR Chrono had a snapped outlet flange but a spare kept him running. Mark Anson had gear trouble in the Jedi while Graham Blackwell's Mygale had a blowing oil seal .

Through all of this Graham qualified fastest followed by Steve Miles (going well in the Van Diemen RF96), Holmes and Goulding.

In Run Off 1 Holmes posted the fastest time just ahead on Miles as Graham didn't put a time on the board. The second run saw Graham set the fastest time so far but the Lola Tegra's final time moved the Sussex driver a couple of tenths ahead to take the win. Steve Miles took the final podium spot and a bagful of points to go with his new 2 litre class record. The Blackwell Mygale lost its Turbo on the second Run Off run to finish seventh behind Goulding, Bainbridge and Graham Porrett (Lola Tegra).

John Loudon (Force HC) didn't set a first Run Off time and finished behind Anson's Jedi.


Knockhill clockwise Sept 8 2019

Knockhill Motorsport Club

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 14

1. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra) 90.04secs
2. John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) 90.30secs
3. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 91.90secs
4. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale M13) 92.72secs
5. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Chrono) 95.30secs
6. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 95.92secs
7. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale M13) 97.13secs
8. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 102.26secs
9. John Loudon (1.0 Force HC) 106.88secs

Positions after Round 14

1. John Graham 101pts
2. Pete Goulding 100pts
3. Nick Algar 89pts
4. Matt Hillam 81pts
5. Graham Blackwell 78pts
6. Steve Miles 74pts
7= Colin Calder 72pts
     Terry Holmes
9. Steve Broughton 70pts
10. Heather Calder 52pts
11. Simon Bainbridge 51pts
12= Graham Porrett 35pts
        John Loudon
        Steve Brown

Note: Scores have been adjusted to take the best 9 scores following the cancellation of the MIRA round.

Terry Holmes' Lola Tegra (John Stewart)

A well earned podium for Steve Miles (John Stewart)

Nick Algar's DJ Fiehawk losing it's oil (John Stewart)

Mark Anson's Jedi took eighth (John Stewart)

Graham draws level at Knockhill

Event 13 at Knockhill on 07/09/2019
The first day of the Knockhill sprint week-end, held on the anti clockwise circuit, saw John Graham (Gould GR55B) draw level on points with Pete Goulding (Mygale M13) after dropped scores were taken into account.

Overcoming a 3 second deficit to Terry Holmes (Lola Tegra) on Run Off 1, Graham improved his time to pip Homes by a few tenths as Holmes was unable to complete his second run. Nick Algar (DJ Firehawk) was third, picking up a couple of bonus points for a new 2 litre record, ahead of Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) having a trouble free week-end for a change. Next up were the Mygales of Pete Goulding and Graham Blackwell separated by two hundredths followed by Simon Bainbridge (SBR Chrono) with a new Libre record.

The timed/qualification runs saw Pete Goulding suspecting a down on power engine but this was sorted for the Run Offs. Steve Brown suffered a serious oil fire in the paddock casued by a crankcase mounting hole failure and was out for the week-end.


Knockhill anti clockwise Sept 7 2019

Knockhill Motorsport Club

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 13

1. John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) 86.50secs
2. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra) 86.86secs
3. Nick Algar (1.3t DJ Firehawk) 87.20secs
4. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 88.42secs
5. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale M13) 89.91secs
6. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale M13) 89.93secs
7. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Chrono) 91.98secs
8. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 92.24secs
9. John Loudon (1.0 Force HC) 98.02secs
10. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 99.81secs
11. Steve Brown (1.6 JKS JR01) No time

John Graham's Gould GR55B (John Stewart)

Pete Goulding's championship lead was under pressure (John Stewart)

The SBR Chrono of Simon Bainbridge took seventh (John Stewart)

Steve Brown had an unlucky week-end in the JKS (John Stewart)

Algar wins at the last moment

Event 12 at Kirkistown on 04/08/2019
With Colin Calder missing and Heather Calder out in a borrowed Ford Fiesta it was left to Nick Algar (DJ Firehawk) to take a good win ahead of John Graham (Gould GR55B) who moved into second place on the British Sprint Championship leader board.

After the qualifying runs it was Graham who led Algar  - the DJ Firehawk only managing one run before clutch problems intervened. Graham set the pace on the first Run Off with a 111s while Algar was still finishing off the repairs to his car, missing his first run. He just made it in time for the second Run Off and posted a 108s leaving Graham to run last. However, a total power failure on the line ended his hopes of a Kirkistown One Two.

Steve Miles' week-end got better, putting in a storming second Run Off in the Van Diemen RF96 to pip Pete Goulding (Mygale) for third. Simon Bainbridge (SBR Chrono) suffered a partial drive shaft failure in qualifying and toured round on his first Run Off to take seventh and some decent points. He tried harder on his second run but couldn't quite get ahead of the single seaters.

The Pickles Jedi was suffering from a worsening oil leak and was beaten for the 1100cc class honours by Mark Anson (Jedi MK6) who went on to set a new class record and finish fifth in the Run Off just ahead of John Loudon (Force HC).

Of the locals present, the time Joe Courtney (F3 Dallara) would have been good enough to qualify fifth in the Run Off while FTD went to Nick Algar.

Kirkistown August 4 2019

500 MRCI

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 12

1. Nick Algar (1.3t DJ Firehawk) 108.24secs
2. John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) 111.55secs
3. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 112.69secs
4. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale M13) 113.27secs
5. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 119.47secs
6. John Loudon (1.0 Force HC) 121.46secs
7. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Chrono) 121.78secs
8. Heather Calder (Ford Fiesta)  171.14secs

Positions after Round 12

1. Pete Goulding 107pts
2. John Graham 92pts
3. Matt Hillam 81pts
4. Nick Algar 77pts
5. Colin Calder 72pts
6. Graham Blackwell 71pts
7. Steve Broughton 70pts
8= Steve Miles 52pts
     Heather Calder
9. Terry Holmes 49pts
11= Steve Brown 34pts
       Simon Bainbridge


Nick Algar took a last gasp win at Kirkistown (Tom Maxwell)

Steve Miles takes plenty of kerb on his way to 3rd (Tom Maxwell)

Joe Cortney's Dallara showed an impressive turn of speed (Tom Maxwell)

Graham takes the win as Run Off abandoned at Kirkistown

Event 11 at Kirkistown on 03/08/2019
The first day of the annual 500MRCI Sprint at Kirkistown saw the Top 12 Run Off abandoned as Colin Calder had a major accident when the right rear suspension broke on his Gould GR55 going through Debtors at high speed. The car was left severely damaged and the driver very shaken and sore but thanks to tight belts and a strong tub nothing worse. Colin was back in the paddock the following day talking about his future plans.....

Championship scoring was taken from the qualification runs with John Graham (Gould GR55B) taking the win from Nick Algar (DJ Firehawk) and Colin Calder. Graham Porrett suffered an engine failure (cracked #1 cylinder liner) during his Run Off so he packed up, caught the night ferry and was back in Chichester on Sunday morning!

A surprise shower caught competitors out as they prepared for T1 but the track dried out for the later runs. Pete Goulding (Mygale  M13) maintained his Championship lead with a strong fourth and was joined by another ex Formula Ford Mygale for this event - the M12 of local man John Stewart.

Steve Miles had a trouble free week-end for a change in the Van Diemen RF96 and was encouraged to take sixth behind Graham Porrett. In the 1100cc class Mark Anson (Jedi) came out ahead of John Loudon (Force HC) although both were beaten by a non registered Martin Pickles (Jedi) who was awarded a Run Off slot and another Jedi driven by Trevor Roberts. Bringing up the rear was Heather Calder having suffered a broken drive shaft earlier and only had one qualifying run.

As is usual in NI there was plenty of local talent and FTD was set by Adrian Pollock's F3 Dallara followed by Stephen Gault's F3 Reynard with Pete Goulding just pipping Barry Rabbit's F Renault Tatuus for third.


Kirkistown August 3 2019

500 MRCI

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 11

1. John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) 117.86secs
2. Nick Algar (1.3t DJ Firehawk) 119.73secs
3. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould GR55) 121.93secs
4. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale M13) 122.61secs
5. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 123.71secs
6. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 128.83secs
7. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Chrono) 131.17secs
8. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 135.65secs
9. John Loudon (1.0 Force HC) 140.53secs
10. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould GR55) 140.67secs

John Graham took a BSC win at Kirkistown (Tom Maxwell)

FTD went to Adrian Pollock's F3 Dallara (Tom Maxwell)

Martin Pickles' Jedi went well (Tom Maxwell)

Points but an early ferry for Graham Porrett

Calder wins as Goulding keeps his lead

Event 10 at Lydden Hill on 13/07/2019

Colin Calder (Gould GR55) ran out an easy winner by 2 seconds from John Graham (also in a Gould) at Borough 19's Lydden sprint on July 13th. The result was fortunate on a couple of counts as the Calder equipe had to be towed by the Simon Bainbridge bus for final 7 hours of journey to the track and the Gould needed a bump start after the engine cut on final Run Off and, despite winning, missed out on bonus record point as a result.

Qualifying was a straightforward affair with 10 drivers getting under 70s with a fight taking place for the remaining two Run Off slots. These went to Mark Anson in the ex Harden Jedi MK1 and Simon Bainbridge in the big SBR Chrono after John Loudon, on his first visit was distracted by gear shift issues on the first corner, got loose and hit the Armco on the inside of the corner with The Force's front wing. The full paddock helped out with repairs but it wasn't enough to make the Run Off.

Also missing out was Carole Torkington (SBD OMS CF08) who, after some tuition from MOLE Racing) continually improved her times and with PBs but just missed the cut in 13th place.

In the Run Off, Matt Hillam continued his 'giant killing' performances in the SBD Dallara with a strong third place with some very consistent driving. His two qualifying runs were separated by just 0.03s and his two Run Off runs by the even smaller margin of 0.02s. He was backed up by Steve Broughton in the shared car (both drivers reporting that the car felt great and a joy to drive all the time ), taking fourth ahead of Terry Holmes in the Lola Tegra.

The two Mygales followed with Pete Goulding ahead of Graham Blacwell this time and with the three bonus points helping the former keep a strong lead in the Championship. These two were split by Steve Miles (no problems in the Van Diemen but not quite on PB pace) and Steve Brown in the JKS.

On his final run of the day Simon Bainbridge found 3.5secs with the warmer tyres making all the difference to take 11th ahead of Mark Anson.


Lydden Hill July 13 2019

Borough 19 MC

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 10

1. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould GR55) 62.66secs
2. John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) 64.79secs
3. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 65.74secs
4. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 66.26secs
5. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra) 66.67secs
6. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale M13) 67.12secs
7. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 67.13secs
8. Steve Brown (1.6 JKS JR01) 67.79secs
9. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale M13) 67.95secs
10. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Chrono) 68.92secs
11. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 69.59secs
12. Mark Anson (1.1 Jedi MK6) 70.68secs

Positions after Round 9

1. Pete Goulding 90pts
2. Matt Hillam 81pts
3. Graham Blackwell 71pts
4. Steve Broughton 70pts
5. John Graham 69pts
6. Colin Calder 62pts
7. Nick Algar 53pts
8. Terry Holmes 49pts
9. Heather Calder 44pts
10. Steve Miles 35pts
11. Steve Brown 34pts
12. Simon Bainbridge 22pts


Colin Carder took the win at Lydden Hill (Mike Curtin)

A 'giant killing' performance from Matt Hillam (Kim Broughton)

Pete Goulding stayed in front in the Championship (Mike Curtin)

Graham applies the pressure at Aintree

Event 9 at Aintree on 29/06/2019
At a hot and humid Round 9 of the British Sprint Championship at Aintree on June 29, John Graham (Gould GR55B) used his familiarity with the track to put pressure on the Calders (Colin and Heather in their shared Gould GR55) and ended up with a fine second place between winner Colin and third placed Heather.

However, it wasn't a straightforward event for many competitors. The conditions meant that times were slower than expected with John Graham and Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) well off their PBs although most runners hadn't been to the venue regualalry in recent years if at all.

The Calder Gould had a new radiator fitted in the paddock before proceedings began and then suffered a fuel tank leak in practice which was repaired before the timed runs. A new piece of pit equipment appeared - a 'ghostbuster style' backpack air blower, worn by the second driver while pushing the car, to keep the NME engine cool between run offs.  The team was assisted by John Hansell who also arrived with some new wing flaps for the SBD team.

Following their recent Abingdon incidents both Steve Miles and Graham Blackwell (Mygale M13) had new push rods fitted and set up changes. The SBD Dallara sported a new triple element front wing and a narrower rear wing assembly as well as some damper changes to help on the bumpy track. Local man, Mark Anson, in his ex Harden Jedi MK6 and Graham Blackwell found themselves over geared but had to make do.

John Graham used his local knowledge to qualify fastes just ahead of the Calders - all three drivers in the 38s. The only other driver under 40s was Nick Algar (DJ Firehawk) who only took one run and a bonus point for a new class record.

With only 14 BSC cars making the timed runs it was Mark Anson and Jeff Wltshire (ZEUS Challenger) who missed out on the Top 12 Run Off.

With the humidity rising and a few spots of rain appearing most runners set their best time on their first Run Off attempt. This was just as well for the Calders as a failty pressure relief valve prevented them from taking thier second runs. As in the timed runs the three Goulds were close, all in the 37s with Colin Calder taking the win with a 37.09s from John Graham and Heather Calder. Next up was Nick Algar who was joined in the under 40s bracket by Matt Hillam, the team having reverted to their wider rear wing for the Run Offs. This also benefited Steve Broughton who finished sixth followed by the two Mygales with Grhama Blackwell coming out ahead of championship leader, Pete Goulding.

As the only Pirell runner on the harder Super Soft tyres and only three corners to get heat into them SImon Bainbridge was struggling in the big SBR Chrono although he managed to finish half a second in the Run Offs to finish tenth. Steve Miles was suffering from brake bias problems and finished tenth in front of Graham Porrett (running the Lola Tegra single handedly for this event) and John Loudon (Force HC).


Aintree June 29 2019

Liverpool MC

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 9

1. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould GR55) 37.09secs
2. John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) 37.36secs
3. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould GR55) 37.70secs
4. Nick Algar (1.3t DJ Firehawk) 38.76secs
5. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 39.82secs
6. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 40.07secs
7. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale M13) 40.55secs
8. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale M13) 40.65secs
9. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Chrono) 41.15secs
10. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 41.28secs
11. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 42.21secs
12. John Loudon (1.0 Force HC) 42.90secs

Positions after Round 8

1. Pete Goulding 80pts
2. Matt Hillam 71pts
3. Graham Blackwell 64pts
4. Steve Broughton 61pts
5. John Graham 58pts
6. Nick Algar 53pts
7. Colin Calder 50pts
8. Heather Calder 44pts
9. Terry Holmes 41pts
10= Steve Miles 29pts
       Steve Brown 29pts
12. Simon Bainbridge 18pts


Colin Calder overcame problems to take the win (K Broughton)

John Graham was a close second at Aintree (K Broughton)

Pete Goulding kept his Championship lead in the Mygale (K Broughton)

A Calder one two at Pembrey

Event 8 at Pembrey on 02/06/2019
The Sunday part of the BARC Wales Pembrey Sprint week-end was held on the 'new' configuration which sees the track continue straight on at Paddock followed by a tight left leading back to the usual track at the Esses.

The weather forecasters got it right and it rained heavily throughout the morning, clearing up after lunch but leaving the track still damp for T2 when most competitors elected to stay on wets to give them the best chance of making the cut.

Much has been said about the performance of the Pirelli wets and this was a chance to see how they fared in practice. The answer was pretty convincing with the fastest two qualifiers, Steve Miles and Steve Broughton separated by a hundredth of a second (and FTD for Miles) and a couple of seconds clear of Terry Holmes and Colin Calder. The Calder Gould had a repaired radiator but was still experiencing cooling problems so the plan was to limit the number of runs to a minumum.

Graham Blackwell was running Michelin wets and was having traction control issues brought about by the different tyre sizes. The SBD Dallara broke a throttle linkage bracket needing a quick welding job during the lunch interval while Steve Brown had a wheel nut seize putting him out for the day.

The damp conditions (and tighter track) gave the SBD Westfield a chance which Chris Jones took to qualify for the Run Offs despite a lock up and off track excursion on T1.

By the time the Run Offs came around the track was dry and warming up. The Calders elected to take a sinlge run each which was enough for Colin to take the win from Heather by 0.7s. Terry Homes was about 3.5secs back with John Graham, continuing to improve to take fourth.

The expected 2litre battle failed to materialise as the SBD Dallara broke its drive shaft as it left the line for its first run. It was four years old and the team has decided to change them bi-annually in future! The Mygales were closely matched with Graham Blackwell coming out on top (in sixth place) on this occasion by 0.14sec but the result still left Pete Goulding leading the Championship


Pembrey (new track) June 2 2019

BARC Wales

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 8

1. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould GR55) 100.61secs
2. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould GR55) 101.31secs
3. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra) 104.16secs
4. John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) 105.57secs
5. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 106.93secs
6. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale M13) 107.53secs
7. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale M13) 107.67secs
8. Jeff Wiltshire (1.5t Zeus Challenger) 112.47secs
9. John Loudon (1.0 Force HC) 113.84secs
10. Chris Jones (1.6t Westfield) 117.26secs

Positions after Round 8

1. Pete Goulding 74pts
2. Matt Hillam 62pts
3. Graham Blackwell 57pts
4. Steve Broughton 54pts
5. John Graham 47pts
6= Terry Holmes 41pts
      Nick Algar 41pts
8. Colin Calder 38pts
9. Heather Calder 34pts
10. Steve Brown 29pts
11. Steve Miles 26pts
12. John Loudon 13pts

Colin Calder, Pembrey Run Off winner (K Broughton)

John Graham tiptoes through Honda in the wet (C Bennett)

Holmes wins as Calders retire

Event 7 at Pembrey on 01/06/2019
The first day of the BARC Wales Pembrey sprint week-end saw Jeff Wiltshire return in his Libre Zeus Challenger and Dave Cutliffe make one of his sporadic (but usually successful) appearances in his 1.3t Van Diemen DC93. Steve Miles was back with a new rear end (corner, floor and repaired wing) following a big shunt at Llandow a couple of weeks earlier.

Carole Torkington (OMS CF08) was out on Pirellis for the first time as was Simon Bainbridge (SBR Chrono) who had to make suspension adjustments for both a different size and radial construction. Simon was using Super Softs in a GT size while Carole, like the other single seater runners, was using the Ultra Soft compound.

The weather was warm and sunny with a good chance of setting new records. Colin Calder was easily the fastest qualifier but the big Gould quickly began experiencing cooling problems with a leaking radiator so he and, champion Heather, sat out T2. Unfortunately repairs weren't effective so they withdrew from the Run Offs letting in John Loudon (for his first Run Off appearance) and Dave Cutliffe. Jeff Wiltshire had been hoping to give the SBR Chrono some competition in the Libre class but found the Zeus so overgeared he wasn't using sixth at all and finished a few seconds adrft.

Carole Torkington was finding her new Pirellis much to her liking and set a PB on T1 although Simon Bainbridge was finding the Super Softs needed a few corners to come in so was having to adjust his approach. It worked and a further three seconds on T2 saw him qualify comfortably. The SBD Dallara of Steve Broughton and Matt Hillam qualified third and fifth, running with a new aero set up for the first time. Chris Jones was out in the SBD Westfield again and finding Top 12 qualification out of reach on this quick track but a new Mod Prod record earned a point.

In the Run Offs Terry Holmes was in a class of his own and was never headed. Behind him the SBD duo were looking for a good result but their hopes appeared to have been dashed when Matt, running first broke a CV joint despite setting a good time. The team set about replacing the part to be ready for Sunday when Simon Bainbridge suffered a front suspension breakage throught the fast Dibeni corner and ploughed straight off onto the grass. The SBR Chrono's loss was the SBD Dallara's gain as the ensuing recovery delay was sufficient for the repair to be finished and ready for Run Off 2. Steve Broughton put in a storming run to take second, less that 1sec behind Holmes with Matt Hillam following suit to take third.

They were closely followed by Steve Miles and then the consistently quick Pete Goulding (Mygale), John Graham (slowly re-capturng the form he showed a couple of years back in the Gould GR55 and following a lot of development work) and the other Mygale of Graham Blackwell. Just behind was Steve Brown in the JKS hoping to earn another "Ecoboost Kill" sticker but not this time.

Dave Cutliffe posted a very competitive Run 1 but something broke and he was out for the week-end.


Pembrey June 1 2019

BARC Wales

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 7

1. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra) 93.05secs
2. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 93.82secs
3. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 94.82secs
4. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 95.17secs
5. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale M13) 96.36secs
6. John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) 97.42secs
7. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale M13) 98.56secs
8. Steve Brown (1.6 JKS JR01) 98.71secs
9. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Chrono) 99.51secs
10. Dave Cutliffe (1.3T Van Diement RF93) 100.13secs
11. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra T90) 100.32secs
12. John Loudon (1.0 Force HC) 101.48secs

Terry Holmes, Run Off winner in the Lola (K Broughton)

Matt Hilam took third in the SBD Dallara (C Bennett)

Calders again at sunny Blyton

Event 6 at Blyton Park on 19/05/2019
The second day of Longton & District's Blyton Sprint week-end was a warm and sunny affair and, to a large extent, a repeat of the previous day.

The 2 litre cars (Algar, Hillam and Broughton) were again close in qualifying, separated by around half a second and the Goulding Mygale was similarly right with them. Steve Brown (JKS) and Simon Bainbridge (SBR Chrono) both overcame their problems from the previous day and got into the Run Offs. Joining them (for the second time in British Sprints) was Piers Thynne in his Radical SR8.

Alan Mugglestone just pipped Chris Jones in qualifying but with other competitors getting their acts together, neither made the cut. After being put off by an early problem with the dash on Saturday Carole Torkington had a much better Sunday with a couple of PBs despite missing out on the Run Offs.

In the Run Offs Heather Calder again put in a strong first run well ahead of the rest until, Colin Calder, running last, looked like he was going to match it but came up just short. Terry Holmes was third only a fraction ahead of the mightily impressive Mygale of Pete Goulding.

On to the second runs and Heather Calder posted a stunning time 2.5s better than her first which drew gasps from the watching crowd and confirmed by the 155mph speed trap figure. However, a motivated Colin Calder pushed the Calder Engineering backed Gould hard and managed to improve on his daughter's time by a couple of tenths to take the win.
In the 2 litre battle the SBD pair were trying to put into practice some driver coaching they had been given by Alan Mugglestone while walking the track the evening before. In the first Run Off Steve Broughton was on for a very good time but missed his braking point for the last corner by a couple of lengths and spun to a halt. Matt Hillam put is a 'so, so' and messy first run but an air valve failure on his second left him unable to change gears so was unable to defend his championship lead properly. This left Nick 'one good run a day in me' Algar to find nearly three seconds from somewhere to take the 2litre class and take third well clear of Terry Holmes. Pete Goulding continued his run of good form to take fifth and the overall championship lead.

John Graham's disappointing week-end finished with a spin at the last corner on his second run while Terry Holmes did the same thing but just after the finish line leaving the Lola covered in dust.

Longton & District MC's well run event saw the Run Offs take place between T2 and T3 which ensured that other competitors were on hand to watch the spectacle of the fastest cars in the country in competition.

Thanks to Anthony Mitchell Photography for the images


Blyton Park Outer Circuit May 20 2019

Longton & District MC

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 6

1. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould GR55) 51.17secs
2. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould GR55) 51.36secs
3. Nick Algar (1.3t DJ Firehawk) 53.28secs
4. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra) 55.42secs
5. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale M13) 55.65secs
6. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 56.57secs
7. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 56.62secs
8. Simon Bainbridge (4.2 SBR Chrono) 57.05secs
9. John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) 57.44secs
10. Steve Brown (1.6 JKS) 59.13secs
11. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale M13) 59.52secs
12. Piers Thynne (2.7 Radical SR8) 62.09secs

Positions after Round 6

1. Pete Goulding 55pts
2. Matt Hillam 52 pts
3. Steve Broughton 43 pts
4. Graham Blackwell 42 pts
5. Nick Algar 41 pts
6. John Graham 31pts
8. Colin Calder 26pts
9. Steve Brown 24pts
10 Heather Calder 23pts
11. Terry Holmes 19pts
12. Stewart Robb 10pts

A stunning last run saw Nick Algar take third (A Mitchell)

Simon Bainbridge had the SBR Crono running well (A Mitchell)

Steve Broughton sends a cone flying (Kim Broughton!)

Piers Thynne's Radical SR8 made the Run Offs (A Mitchell)

A Calder one-two at Blyton

Event 5 at Blyton Park on 18/05/2019
Eighteen British Sprint compettitors arrived at Blyton for Round 4 of the British Sprint Championship (Croft having been cancelled) and welcomed the first appearance of the year of Piers Thynne (Radical), Alan Mugglestone (Fulcrum) and Simon Bainbridge (SBR Chrono). Missing were the Miles Van Diemen and the Robb Pilbeam following their recent problems and the Bennett/Jones Force which was still minus an engine. Chris Jones, however,  was guesting again in the SBD Westfield, fresh from some rear spring and suspension changes, and looking to provide some competition for the Mugglestone Fulcrum and make the Run Offs. Incidentally, it was announced at the drivers briefing that Alan Mugglestone will be taking over responsibility for managing the Blyton Park facility from Richard Usher in October 2019.

The Terry Holmes/Graham Porrett Lola appeared with a newly rebuilt (by Graham) engine with fresh cams and was, once again, showing oil pressure!

The Saturday event was held on the Eastern circuit which features a fiddly section soon after the start and a very tight finish which presented something of a challenge for the bigger cars. The single, cold and dusty practice run followed by a damp T1 caused a number of difficulties. Piers Thynne and Steve Broughton (SBD Dallara) both locked up into the final corner, sliding off before recovering to at least finish the course. T1 saw John Graham put four wheels off and Mark Anson have a spin while Steve Brown did much the same (locking up and sliding off) in T2 before putting in a blinder on T3 but too late. The biggest problem befell the SBR Chrono which broke its diff. The team were hoping that it wasn't due to the re-mapped engine and improved MOTEC traction control and set about installing a new diff for the Sunday.

These problems allowed the Mugglestone Fulcrum and Jones Westfield to comfortably qualify for the Run Offs, separated by half a second.

In Run Off 1 Heather Calder put in a quick time, closely followed by Terry Holmes' Lola and the Goulding Mygale (after gear selecttion software problems early on) with Championship leader Matt Hillam just behind. Then Colin Calder, running last, set a new benchmark of 60.14s and over a second clear. Run Off 2 followed a similar pattern after Heather posted a 59.78s only for it to be well beaten by Colin's 58.43s. Terry Holmes wasn't far behind with a 60.28s while Nick Algar, who reckons to "have one good run a day in me and it is all about thiming it right", did just that to take fourth with his final run. Pete Goulding took and excellent fifth while the Jones Mugglestone battle saw their qualifiying positions reversed with Jones taking 11th from Mugglestone by half a second. After experiencing a lot of understeer in the morning, Graham Blackwell put on some more front wing and improve in the Run Offs.

Mention should be made of a pair of former British Sprint competitors who were taking part in the 'B' meeting. Glyn Sketchley took the 'B' FTD (and a couple of PBs) with his Force and would have qualified easily for the Run Offs while Martin Pickles was the fastest 1100 ('A' or 'B') in his MK1 Jedi.

Thanks to Anthony Mitchell Photography for the images


Blyton Park Eastern Circuit May 18 2019

Longton & District MC

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 5

1. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould GR55) 58.43secs
2. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould GR55) 59.78secs
3. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra) 60.28secs
4. Nick Algar (1.3t DJ Firehawk) 60.84secs
5. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale M13 61.44secs
6. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 61.66secs
7. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 63.57secs
8. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale M13) 63.86s
9. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra) 65.38secs
10. John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) 66.09secs
11. Chris Jones (1.6t Westfield) 66.48secs
12. Alan Mugglestone (2.0 Fulcrum) 66.96secs

Colin Calder opened his 2019 account in style at Blyton (A Mitchell)

Terry Holmes was on the pace in the Lola Tegra (A Mitchell)

The Mygale M13 of Pete Goulding keeps getting quicker (A Mitchell)

Alan Mugglestone made the Run Offs in the Fulcrum (A Mitchell)

Graham's Anglesey double

Event 3 at Anglesey on 07/04/2019

John Graham (Gould GR55B) made it a week-end double on the Anglesey International circuit but had to put in a record breaking second run to overcome Matt Hillam (SBD Dallara) who lead after the first run and who also took the lead in the 2019 British Sprint Championship.

Competitors were able to enjoy another dry and sunny day (including views over snow capped Snowdonia) with many making full use of the opportunity to take up to eight timed runs - due mainly to the slick running of the event by Longton & District. In qualifying Nick Algar (DJ Firehawk) led the field with a 75.96s run which was to stand as FTD. He was closely followed by Matt Hillam who was finding the changes made overnight to the car very much to his liking although less so to the other driver of the car, Steve Broughton, who still managed to qualify third. The SBD Dallara duo had been using the same set of Pirelli tyres for a number of events (estimated to be 48 runs) and decided to try a new set for the second timed runs but surprisingly found little difference in performance!

These three drivers were followed by John Graham and Steve Miles, the latter recovering from his Saturday problems but then suffered a broken drive shaft on his first Run Off attempt. Stewar Robb was missing from Sunday's event for reasons not known at the time of writing.

In the Run Offs, Nick Algar was the 'best of the rest' to take the final podium spot closely followed by Steve Broughton. Despite problems with a coolant hose, Pete Goulding managed to reverse the position of the Mygales from Saturday and take fifth place with a PB.


Anglesey International Circuit April 7 2019

Longton & District MC

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 3

1. John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) 76.34secs
2. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 76.67secs
3. Nick Algar (1.3t DJ Firehawk) 77.01secs
4. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 77.63secs
5. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale M13) 78.37secs
6. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale M13) 80.68secs
7. Steve Brown (1.6 JKS JR01) 81.92secs
8. Jeff Wiltshire (1.5t Zeus Challenger) 84.20secs
9. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 84.83secs
10. Mark Anson (1.0 Jedi MK6) 85.75secs
11. Carole Torkington (1.6 OMS CF08) 89.89secs

Positions after Round 3

1. Matt Hillam 36pts
2. Pete Goulding 33 pts
3.= Steve Broughton 31 pts
      Graham Blackwell 31 pts
4. John Graham 24 pts
5. Nick Algar 20 pts
6. Steve Brown 18pts
7. Stewart Robb 10pts
8. Steve Miles 9 pts
9. Jeff Wiltshire 8pts
10. Dave Cutliffe 7 pts
12. Chris Jones 6 pts


Another good showing by Pete Goulding (Kim Broughton)

A final podium spot for Nick Algar's DJ (K Broughton)

Jeff Wiltshire's Zeus had a more reliable week-end (K Broughton)

Graham takes sunny Anglesey

Event 2 at Anglesey on 06/04/2019

Despite it being (very) early April competitors enjoyed a sunny and dry Anglesey Sprint week-end even if it was a little cool and windy. Following mechanical problems at Combe a couple of weeks earlier the Calder Gould and Holmes/Porrett Lola were missing but the Robb Pilbeam appeared with a new main plane fitted to the rear wing. John Graham (Gould GR55B) and Nick Algar (DJ Firehawk) were making their first appearance at a British Sprint round in 2019 and single seater debutant, John Loudon, in his (ex Michael Andrews) Force HC was quickly settling in to his new surroundings and finding that getting the car off the line wasn't as difficult as he feared.

The fastest qualifiers were the SBD Dallara (running with changes to the braking system and aero following Combe) duo of Matt Hillam (FTD) and Steve Broughton in the 46s followed by Stewart Robb and John Graham, a hundredth apart in the 47s. Steve Miles' Van Diemen pipped the two Mygales but, with car performing well and setting a PB, a software issue sadly sidelined the MOLE Racing car for the rest of the event. The Blackwell Mygale was running well and so was the driver - but not in a good way! Something he ate apparently and the problem persisted throughout the week-end.

Jeff Wiltshire confessed to not putting the spark plug and coil pack on the Zeus properly which accounted for a power deficit early on but this was cured for the run off. Mark Anson was out in his T car(!) while both Steve Brown (JKS) and John Loudon put is strong qualifying performances. The Algar car blew a temperature sensing boss out of its manifold and required repairs to the exhaust to get through the day.

The Run Off turned out to be a battle between Graham, Hillam, Robb, Algar and Broughton who were all in and around the 46s mark. Matt Hillam put in a solid first run to lead the standings but John Graham put in a strong second run to take the Run Off with a 45.95s. Stewart Robb aslo improved to take third place.

Steve Broughton had a problem with his wheel speed sensor on the first run and by the time he took his second run track temperatures had fallen leaving him back in fifth place. Graham Blackwell was sixth narrowly ahead (0.06s) of the other Mygale of Pete Goulding while Carole Torkington completed a good day (after some coaching from Steve Miles), finding nearly 2s on her last run to finish close behind Mark Anson and Jeff Wiltshire.


Anglesey National Circuit April 6 2019

Longton & District MC

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 2

1. John Graham (3.5 Gould GR55B) 45.95secs
2. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara) 46.25secs
3. Stewart Robb (5.0 Pilbeam MP88B) 46.30secs
4. Nick Algar (1.3t DJ Firehawk) 46.62secs
5. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara) 46.90secs
6. Graham Blackwell (1.6t Mygale M13) 47.76secs
7. Pete Goulding (1.6t Mygale M13) 47.82secs
8. Steve Brown (1.6 JKS JR01) 48.21secs
9. John Loudon (1.1 Force HC) 51.24secs
10. Jeff Wiltshire (1.5t Zeus Challenger) 54.05secs
11. Mark Anson (1.0 Jedi MK6) 54.54secs
12. Carole Torkington (1.6 OMS CF08) 55.13secs







Anglesey win for Graham (K Broughton)

Another good result for Matt Hillam at Anglesey (K Broughton)

John Loudon made an impressive debut in his Force (K Broughton)

An SBD/Pirelli one two at Castle Combe

Event 1 at Castle Combe on 23/03/2019

Steve Broughton and Matt Hillam took first and second in the British Sprint Top 12 Run Off at Castle Combe in their shared SBD Dallara and scored the first National Run Off win for Pirelli tyres. Having qualified second (to Colin Calder) with a new record, Steve put in a ‘banker’ on his first Run Off run and then went for it on his second. The run was a bit ragged but enough to seal the win and set a new record for another bonus point.

It wasn’t all plain sailing for the team though. Despite rebuilding the braking system over the winter both drivers were having to pump the brakes all the way round each lap. The inner fingers of the carrier plate were binding with the castellations of the disc so when it all got a little warm the expansion of components solidified the structure and knocked the pads off the disc when braking.

The first event of any season is the opportunity for each competitor to reveal the efforts of the winter. Some opt for the ‘grand reveal’, whilst the more enthusiastic have been providing detailed updates throughout the winter so this was the first opportunity to view the advertised work.

The one tweak that many opted for were Pirelli tyres. There seems little debate over their advantage against the traditional tyres used throughout the paddock and several drivers were rather effusive on cockpit exit about the improved grip (and PBs most of them were setting!).

Of the British Sprint field, at least five contenders had made the switch to Pirelli. They were also joined by the SBD Westfield, guest driven for this event by Chris Jones. He later set a new Mod Prod record, this in a car he had never driven before. Chris was also very enthusiastic over the levels of lateral G he was able to obtain without upsetting the car or racing line…..’there is more to come’ was his ominous comment.

Competitors arrived at Castle Combe for the first major Speed event of the year to cool and overast conditions but as the day wore on were pelasantly surprised to enjoy warm and sunny conditions much better that the forecast had predicted. Less enjoyable were the mechanical misfortunes to befall a number of fancied British Sprint competitors including all of the larger engined single seaters.

Struggling with oil problems in practice and timed runs the Calder (Colin & Heather) Gould GR55 was leading qualifier in the hands of Colin taking FTD with a 115.08s but large pools of oil beneath the McLaren engine were rightly causing some concern. The fault was traced to an air relief tube attached to the oil filter which was insecurely attached, the O ring seal not properly clamped. It was a case of you could see the problem but couldn’t fix it.

Heather attempted a Run Off run but suffered a rear rocker arm failure causing a spectacular display of sparks up Avon Rise. A similar fate was waiting for Stewart Robb who had qualified the Pilbeam third but his rear wing parted company from the car up Avon Rise on his second timed run. This being the fastest part of the track, Stewart was fortunate indeed to keep the spinning Gould on the tarmac and avoid contact with the barriers.

The other big single seater, the Lola T90 of Terry Holmes and Graham Porrett managed a single Run Off run in the hands of Graham before low oil pressure led to an early retirement for the team. Jeff Wiltshire’s Zeus Challenger suffered a (very) bent rear pushrod on its first timed run and Carole Torkington had to run all day without any dash read outs which made getting the most out of the the OMS CF08 very difficult.

Another Steve, this time in the Miles camp had a non-starting engine. This after a winter of maintenance upgrades both mechanical and software. The fault was traced to an ‘E gas safety sweep’ in the software which was providing inconsistent readings each time the starting was attempted. Success was a random affair and traced to a faulty potentiometer.

Of the rest, Chris Jones reporting a dull thud over Avon rise on his second practice run. The team set to work examining suspension, bodywork, anything mechanical that could move and anything that couldn’t in case it had. Nothing. So they carried on and Chris qualified for the Run Off and took the Class win with a new record. The car is very much a test bed for SBD and MBE with the turbocharged 1.6 Ecoboost engine producing massive power and torque and the software managing to transmit it to the road. So well, in fact that the car set the best 64ft time of the day.

The Mygale of Pete Goulding and Graham Blackwell were once again very much on the pace with the Goulding car putting in a strong second Run Off run to pip Steve Miles for the final podium position after the MOLE Racing Van Diemen’s water temperature rocketed on the second run. The Blackwell Mygale was just behind these two and ahead of Dave Cutliffe’s Van Diemen and Steve Brown’s JKS.


Castle Combe March 23 2019

Bristol MC

SBD Motorsport UK British Sprint Championship Round 1

1. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 115.67secs
2. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 117.42secs
3. Pete Goulding (1.6T Mygale M12) 118.52secs
4. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 118.91secs
5. Graham Blackwell (1.6T Mygale M13) 119.97secs
6. Dave Cutliffe (1.3T Van Diement RF93) 121.68secs
7. Steve Brown (1.6 JKS JR01) 124.31secs
8. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra T90 125.27secs
9. Chris Jones (1.6T SBD Westfield) 128.82secs
N/S Colin Calder
N/S Heather Clader
N/S Terry Holmes

Steve Broughton opened the 2019 season with a win (Steve Lister)

Matt Hillam made it an SBD Dallara one-two (Chris Bennett)

Pete Goulding took the final podium spot in the Mygale (Kim Broughton)

Chris Jones qualified the SBD Westfield for the Run Offs (Chris Bennett)

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