The 2020 SBD Motorsport UK HSA British Sprint Championship, organised by the Hillclimb and Sprint Association, is made up of 16 events (32 scoring rounds of which the best 20 count) held at venues in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Venues include Castle Combe, Snetterton, Aintree, Anglesey, Lydden Hill, Knockhill and Kirkistown.

The British and National championship titles are the most prestigious in UK motor sport and the British Sprint Championship is the premier Championship in the discipline of sprinting. It is open to competitors holding RS National and above competition licences.

The British Sprint Championship celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2020, dating back to 1970 when it was first won by Patsy Burt driving a 4.5L Oldsmobile powered McLaren M3A and it has continued to attract the fastest racing cars to feature on the UK's circuits. In recent times V10 and V8 powered Goulds, Pilbeams and Lolas have featured at the top of the Championship tables providing a spectacle unmatched by other classes of circuit racing with the exception of Formula One.

The event format for the principle championship title comprises, practice, qualification and two Run Offs for the fastest 12 qualifiers for each Run Off. The fastest time recorded in each Run Off receives twenty five points reducing by one point for each subsequent slower competitor down to 1 point for the 25th qualifier for that Run Off. Bonus points are awarded to competitors who finish the timed and Run Off runs with a new record for their particular class of car.

Alongside the principle competition there are titles to be won for newcomers who have not previously finsided in the Top 12 of the Championship before (the Foundation Cup) and for competitors in seven class based categories -  Modified Production Cars,  Sports Libre Cars and Racing Cars (1100cc, 1600cc, 2000cc, 1600cc forced induction car engine and unlimited capacity).

Drivers and Entrant/Drivers must be paid up members of the Hillclimb and Sprint Association. In addition, they must be registered for the Championship.

All rounds of the Championship are reported on the web site and in Speedscene magazine together with plenty of action photos.

The SBD Motorsport UK HSA British Sprint Championship is a Motorsport UK championship, sponsored by SBD Motorsport Limited and run by the Hillclimb and Sprint Association Ltd

The Annual Awards dinner for the 2020 SBD British Sprint Championship was held at Lea Marston on November 14th.

British Sprint Championship 50th Anniversary
John Graham The current (2019) champion, John Graham
British Sprint Champion John in his Gould GR55B
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