We can again thank SBD Motorsport for their continued support as title sponsor for the thiteenth year

We thank our supporters shown under Regulation 25.2 for their assistance in providing invaluable assistance (you can find a link to their websites in the "links" section of our website

Key Features

Almost 90% of events on current race circuits - see Regulation 19

75% of events contained in 6 "double header" weekends - see Regulation 19

Top 12 Run Off (extra two runs) for best entrants - See Regulation 24

Category awards - see Regulations 17 & 25.2

Foundation Cup for up and coming drivers - see Regulation 16

Massive range of awards for a single registration fee (see Regulations 25.1-25.3)

Bonus points for breaking Championship Records - see Regulations 14 & 17.3

A Junior Challenge for newcomers to the SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship of any age

Use it as a "toe in the water" exercise OR as an opportunity to try new venues

Pay only third of the entry fee (only £40)

Select 4 events (from Regulation 19.1)

Try to become the British Sprint Championship Junior Challenge winner!

Now wouldn't that be a title to be proud of? - see Regulation 29

In addition to the main award there is an opportunity for many souvenir awards to be presented should the number of registrations be sufficient

Awards Dinner 2018

17.11.18 at Lea Marston Hotel, Sutton Coldfield


1. This Championship is organised and administered by the British Motor Sprint Association in accordance with the General Regulations of the Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association (Incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), the Supplementary Regulations of each qualifying meeting, these Championship Regulations and any subsequent amendments officially promulgated and issued.

2. MSA Championship Permit no CH2018/S002 has been issued.


3. Championship Co-ordinator is Paul Parker, 52 Brendon Road, Portishead, Bristol BS20 6DH (Tel: 01275 843478 or 07710 516758 , E-mail

4. Championship Stewards: Chris Hill, , Ken Ayers, Peter Howgate

Eligibility Scrutineer: Tony Bishop, Tel: 01373 832259

5. Other BMSA Officials and their telephone numbers are:

Results- Bev Fawkes 07810 752464,


6. Competitors in the Championship must hold a valid MSA National “A” Speed or Race Licence (minimum) or National A (OPEN) where appropriate (S.7.1.5) or H.26.1 or 26.2/1(b) equivalent, driving vehicles complying with S.10-15 and GRs J and K as applicable.


7. The registration fee for the Championship is £120 (£40 Junior Challenge - see Regulation 29)

8.1. Competitors must register for the Championship at least seven days before the first round in which they intend to compete.

8.2 Competitors will receive a registration card as confirmation of their entry into the championship. Registration into the championship does not imply nor ensure acceptance of an entry into a nominated qualifying event

8.3 Entry into the Championship commences from the date of registration. Points will not be awarded retrospectively.

8.4 To be eligible for marking in the Championship all vehicles must display the appropriate Championship decals AS PROVIDED(H.29.1.2 & 29.1.3). These may include those provided by our trade partners who support our Championship. They MUST be displayed on an outward facing surface

8.5 In presenting a car for scrutineering, competitors will be deemed to have accepted the conditions of entry and these regulations and agree that the car and personnel within their jurisdiction will comply with the regulations throughout the meeting.

8.6 The onus of responsibility for the eligibility of vehicles competing in the Championship rests with the competitor.


9. In order to qualify for points (except Loyalty) a competitor must be classified as finisher.

10. The points awarded to registered contenders, relative to their overall position in the Top Twelve Run-Off for each Championship event will be:

1st…………………….12 pts

reducing by one point for each position to

12th……………………….1 pt

11. Competitors points scoring will be recorded by the Championship Co-ordinator and bulletins, showing current positions, will be sent to all organisers and competitors periodically.

12. Points scored in any ten of the sixteen qualifying rounds will count towards a competitor's final Championship total. Should circumstances dictate a change to the number of qualifying rounds the following scoring system will be utilised:

16-17 events Best 10 scores to count - 10-11 events Best 7 scores to count

14-15 events Best 9 scores count - 8-9 events Best 6 scores to count

12-13 events Best 8 scores to count - 6-7 events Best 5 scores to count

13. In the event of a tie between two or more competitors, for the purposes of all awards (except the Junior Challenge), the following tie-break procedure will be adopted in the sequence shown until a result is obtained:

(a) The number of loyalty points awarded as in Regulation 15.1 below

(b) The number of best places from the counting rounds will be counted.

(c) The highest number of qualifications from the counting rounds will be counted.

(d) The competitor who reached his final championship total first.

(e) Should none of the above be effective the Championship Organisers will specify the method to reach a solution.


14.1 Bonus points will be added to those shown in Regulation 10 (and subject to the same limitations imposed by Regulation 12).

14.2 The organisers will cause to be prepared and published Championship Records for each venue. These will be based upon times recorded in both Timed and Run-Off performances in previous British Sprint Championship events using the layout and format in use at each venue. Championship Records will be set for the various Categories detailed in Regulation 17.1. In the event of Regulation 24.3 (3rd sentence) being invoked then any times set in the timed run or runs upon which points are based which break the existing Championship Record shall attract an additional point or points to those awarded by virtue of the competitor's finishing position. In the event of a new venue (where no records exist) Championship Records will be set after the completion of the first Top 12 Run Off. Where initial records, for a venue, are set in wet conditions then at subsequent events (until records are reset) an average shall be taken of the percentage by which the fastest timed runs in each category are improved and all records shall be adjusted by that average.

14.3 An additional point will be awarded to each competitor who breaks the Championship Record for the Category of car in which he takes part in either run in a Top 12 Run Off (or 2 points if the record is broken during both runs). Such points are additional to those earned in Regulation 10 and will be recorded with those points and subject to Regulation 12.

14.4 No time, at any venue, shall be taken as the Championship Record for any Category which exceeds the Category Average Differential by greater than 10% (to allow the Championship Organisers to substitute a time, where no record exists and avoid "unrepresentative" times).

14.5 The Differential for each venue, for each Category, and the Category Average Differential shall be published in accordance with Regulation 14.2 (and the Category Average Differential will exclude any substituted times).

14.6 Each differential shall be calculated: Category Time x Unlimited Racing Car Category Time x 100 (this percentage shall be corrected to one decimal place).


15.1 In addition loyalty points will be awarded to every competitor who "signs on" at that event. Where a contender signs on for the first event of a "double header" points shall be awarded for both events if he has entered. Such points will only be used in relation to Regulation 13 above.

15.2 The "loyalty" points in Regulation 15.1 will be awarded at the rate of 1 point for the each event at which the contender has "signed on ".


16.1 It will be open to any competitor who has registered in the British Sprint Championship who has not, before, finished in the Top 12 (Top 10 to 2003) in the final classification of that Championship (subject to 16.2). No separate fee will be payable.

16.2 It will not be open to competitors driving Racing or Sports Libre cars over 2000cc capacity and will not be open to previous winners of the Foundation Cup.

16.3 Registered competitors (within 16.1 and 16.2) will be awarded points for this Cup based upon their best time in the Timed Runs of each qualifying event (or where there are more than two, the first two).

16.4 Points will be scored by the fastest 12 registered competitors (within 16.1 and 16.2) using times recorded (within 16.3) by such competitors on the same basis as Regulation 10 earlier.

16.5. Competitors will count scores from their best number of rounds as in Regulation 12.


17.1 These will be in the following categories of vehicle: Modified Limited and Specialist Production, Sports Libre, 1100cc, 1600cc, 2000cc, 1600cc forced induction car engined and unlimited racing cars.

17.2 The category awards, in paragraph 17.1, will be determined by grouping all qualifying entrants together and awarding points, based upon their fastest of the first two timed runs at each qualifying event, to each entrant, in each event at the rate of 50 points to the fastest competitor reducing by 1 point for each position down to 1 point to the 50th positioned competitor in that group. Competitors will count scores from their best number of rounds as in Regulation 12 earlier.

17.3 The scores at each event, as 17.2 above, will be supplemented by an additional point to any competitor who breaks the Championship Record for that Category as detailed in 14.2 earlier, during the Timed Runs (2 points if it is broken in both runs).

17.4 Awards will be presented in each Category named in Regulation 17.1, subject to the registration of more than one entrant, in that Category.


17.5 This will be presented to the competitor scoring the highest total at all events in Regulation 19 ("all events" being subject to Regulation 12) using the scoring method in Regulation 29.2-29.4.


18.1 These will be presented for the competitor scoring the highest aggregate total score for all events in England (Saxon Trophy) and events in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (Celtic Trophy) which are shown in the calendar in Regulation 19.1 below.

18.2 The "highest aggregate score" will utilise the same basis basis as in 29.2 (including modifications 29.3 and 29.4) to enable competitors from all categories an equal opportunity to achieve success.


19.1 The following meetings will form the qualifying rounds

DateVenueOrganising Club
March 24Castle CombeBristol MC
April 2CroftDarlington & DMC
June 2PembreyBARC (Wales)
June 3PembreyBARC (Wales)
June 23SnettertonBorough 19 MC
June 24SnettertonBorough 19 MC
July 14Lydden HillBorough 19 MC
July 21KnockhillKMSC
July 22KnockhillKMSC
August 4Kirkistown500MRCI
August 5Kirkistown500MRCI
August 19RockinghamMAC
September 8Blyton ParkNSCC
September 9Blyton ParkNSCC
October 6AngleseyLongton & DMC
October 7AngleseyLongton & DMC

19.2 The organisers reserve the right to substitute nominated events in the case of Force Majeure in compliance with D.11.1.3. Should any event's date change we shall contact all registered contenders to advise them of the change. They will be asked whether they agree to the change. Should no response be forthcoming, within 4 weeks, their assent will be assumed.

20. Organisers of qualifying events retain the right to select or reject entries within the following conditions:

20.1 Non registered entrants must not be given precedence over registered contenders

20.2 Points scorers must be given preference over non-points scorers.

20.3 A change of car or driver may be permitted from those nominated in the official programme of the meeting upon written application being made to the Clerk of the Course, by the entrant, before the start of competitive runs for the event.

20.4 The Championship Organisers will nominate standardised competition numbers for Championship competitors and organisers are required to allocate these where appropriate.

21. The Championship Organisers are entitled to authorise the broadcasting or audio visual recoding of the Championship. The organisers shall arrange, prior to the meeting, to obtain the consent of the landowner of the property on which the meeting takes place to permit the Championship Organisers to authorise the making of such broadcast transmission or audio visual recording.

22. Organising clubs must provide the Championship Co-ordinator with printed results within seven days of the meeting.

23. The course of any event may be either:

(a) An open course or

(b) One or more laps of a closed (continuous) course


24. In events where the conventional Sprint format is used, after the completion of the first two timed runs, constituting the event for all entrants, event organisers will provide a run-off in the following manner:

24.1 The 12 registered competitors from the first two class runs recording the best times will be grouped together in a special class and given two further runs. The order of running, subject to force majeure, will be based upon the times previously recorded, the fastest running last. Where competitors sharing cars both qualify, the running order shall be adjusted to permit no less than 4 cars to run between each of the drivers in each shared car, during both runs. More than one car at a time may be permitted on the course during the run-off. The 12 fastest will score points as in Regulation 10.If the constitution of the run-off is not possible within the above criteria the organisers shall specify a method of constitution.

Should it become apparent to the organisers that any of the fastest 12 registered qualifiers is unable to compete in the special class, when this is determined, the organisers will offer to the 13th best qualifier the opportunity to take part. Such opportunity continuing in order of qualification until such time as the special class has 12 active competitors (unless this is not possible).

24.2 Any non-registered competitor qualifying for an Absolute Best Time of the Day award at the end of the class runs may be afforded the opportunity of becoming an additional runner in the Championship class, but will not score points in these runs, or affect the points of registered contenders.

24.3 An event will qualify as a counting round upon the completion of the first “Top Twelve” Championship runs. Should an event be abandoned during the second Championship runs, only the first Championship run will count for points. Should an event be abandoned before the Championship runs points will be awarded based upon the order in which the 12 contenders in 24.1 qualified as in Regulation 10 earlier, when all registered contenders have been given the opportunity of at least one timed run.


25.1. At the conclusion of the Championship awards for the Championship will be as follows (named trophies to be returned to the organisers in time for re-engraving):

The RAC Sprint Championship Trophy

- for 1st overall in the Championship. 1st to 12th overall will receive a souvenir award

The St John Trophy

- The highest placed competitor who has never previously scored points in a British Sprint Championship Run Off

The Patsy Burt Trophy

- The highest placed Lady competitor

Glynis Lloyd- Jones Memorial Trophy

- The winner of the Foundation Cup and a souvenir (see Regulation 16)

The Mille Miglia Trophy

- will be presented to the pair of drivers, sharing the same car, whose combined score is the greatest

The David Render Trophy

- The winner of the Junior Challenge (see Regulation 29)

The Saxon & Celtic Trophies

- See Regulation 18.

The Britannia Trophy

- See Regulation 17.5


Category Awards

The Plays Kool Trophy

- The highest placed Modified Production competitor

The Yorke Trophy

- The highest placed Sports Libre competitor

The Da Silva Trophy

- The highest placed up to 1100cc Racing Car competitor

The SEFAC Trophy

- The highest placed 1100cc - 1600cc Racing Car competitor

The Seaman Trophy

- The highest placed 1600cc-2000cc Racing Car competitor

(Generously supported by Kent Cams)

The Kent Trophy

- The highest placed 1600 forced indiction car engined Racing Car competitor

The Nuvolari Trophy

- The highest placed Unlimited Racing Car competitor

25.3 Souvenir awards will be presented with all named trophies detailed above. Where there are 4 or more entrants in the categories in 17.1 there shall be a second placed souvenir, and should there be 6 or more entrants a 3rd placed souvenir will be awarded.


26. Appeals against points scoring will be dealt with in accordance with C.6.5.1

27. Judicial procedures will be in accordance with C of the current MSA Yearbook.

28. All other relevant GRs of the MSA shall apply.


29.1 Entrants will be asked to nominate, when registering, 4 events from the calendar at 19.1 which will become their scoring events. Substitute events may be nominated where withdrawal takes place before signing on; also a substitute event may be nominated where a breakdown during an event prevents the completion of a timed run once per annum

29.2 Entrants will be scored on the basis of the best of their first two timed runs. The score will be the percentage that the Championship Record (see 14.2) for the category of car (see 17.1) in which the contender is entered, as a proportion of their best time, at each event. Scores will be calculated to two places of decimals.

29.3 Should there be no records for that venue the basis times for scoring will be the fastest time set by any competitor at that event in that category, in the first two timed runs or Top 12 Run Off.

29.4 Should the event be wet, then the fastest timed runs, in each category, will be compared to their respective Championship Records and an average of the three closest categories to their records will be used as a factor by which all Championship Records at that venue at that event will be uplifted for the purposes of scoring within the context of these paragraphs. In the event of any "substituted" time (14.4) the maximum score shall be 105.

29.5 Junior Challenge entrants are entitled to take part in Run Offs (see 24), in the 4 events they have nominated (29.1), should their best time be inside the fastest 12 times of British Sprint Championship contenders. They will take part as the 13th (or later) runner within the Run Off. This option is not available to the entrants in the 2000, 1600 forced induction car engine or unlimited racing cars. No points can be earned in the British Sprint Championship until such time as "full status" is achieved.

They may not take part in Foundation Cup (see 16), Britannia (17.5), Celtic, Saxon (18.1) or Category Awards (see 17) or St John Trophy. Entrants are entitled, upon payment of a further £80, to upgrade their registration to "full" status (see 8.1) and take part in all six competitions (subject to 8.3)registration to "full status" being consecutive to Junior Challenge status. They may not take part in Junior Challenge and Top12 Run Off (points scoring)/Foundation Cup/Britannia/Saxon/ Celtic/Category Awards at concurrent events, unless they register for both the British Sprint Championship and Junior Challenge concurrently, paying the registration fees for both shown in Regulation 7 (registration for the latter remains subject to the next sentence. Previous winners of Foundation Cup/Britannia/Saxon/Celtic/Category Awards in the last 3 years may not take part in the Junior Challenge neither will any previous holder of a permanent number (20.4).

29.6 In the event of a tie in total scores between two or more competitors entrants best scores will be used as a basis for deciding any ties.

29.7 In addition to a souvenir award for the overall Junior Challenge winner, souvenir awards will be presented for the highest placed finisher in each category, where there are 4 or more entrants, the second placed finisher in any category where there are 8 or more entrants and the third placed finisher in any category where there are 12 or more entrants.

29.8 No competitor will be entitled to take part in Junior Challenge competitions in more than three seasons

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