Rounds 8 & 9 2018 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship

Knockhill-21st & 22nd July 2018

A Scots lass' record breaking weekend.

Organised by Knockhill Motor Sports Club

by Paul Parker

During what has been the warmest period in the UK for many a long year, it was almost enjoyable for the SBD British Sprint Championship to venture north for the weekend to experience some cooler conditions. It stayed dry throughout but we did not have to suffer the intense heat and sun. On home territory for the Scots members of our community. Stewart jnr made an appearance helping his dad over the weekend, and their proximity to home was indicated by Stewart jnr riding his pushbike to and from the circuit. The Calder family too did not have to undergo their usual extraordinary mileage. We were joined this year by one or two "virgins" to the venue. Pete Goulding having to undergo a round trip from the South East and Steve Brown the somewhat less lengthy trip from the East Midlands.

Stewart Robb at one point was all for packing up ands going home on Saturday morning but matters improved thereafter. Pete Goulding had a moment of panic when his front wing let go, approaching the hairpin, with a very tyre smoky approach to the remaining yards. Simon Bainbridge was trying to get to the bottom of some elements of his transmission not exactly playing ball. The Chichester mafioa too had one small hiccup in their transmission which appeared fairly easy to solve.

Top 12 Run Off

Steve Brown was performing rather better than he had anticipated edging ever closer to his class record, which he thought was within reach. Sadly his chain let go and wrecked his transmission. Simon Bainbridge was unable to complete a run and he was off to Dunfermline to get some bits and pieces to effect a repair for Sunday. Graham Porrett was unable to be ready for his first run, because of the transmission issue but managed his second run to secure himself some points. The two Mygales were next up, Graham Blackwell (with the benefit of his outing in 2017 behind him) managed to finish just three quarters of a second ahead of his compatriot. Both Blackwell and Pete Goulding set times which were seconds ahead of Blackwell's 2017 record. Next up was Steve Miles continuing his indulgence with Michelin tyres leaving him a couple of seconds or so from the 2 litre record. John Graham slipped up on his first run and only managed a "banker" on his second to ensure he secured points. Nick Algar concluded his day just over a second away from his class record. Terry Holmes, benefiting from a week's holiday, put in a significant time on his only effort. Stewart Robb spun at the hairpin on his first run and so was perhaps disappointed with his second run time (and also not enjoying the delightful tone of his V10 that the rest of us can enjoy!) It was Heather Calder who was the first family member to run and she popped in a time a little better than half a second better than her best of the day to that point. Then father Colin tried unsuccessfully to better that. So Heather tried again and this time a new outright circuit record for the anticlockwise course arrived, which Colin was unable to match.


1. Heather Calder(3.5 Gould GR55-NME80.55secs
2. Colin Calder(3.5 Gould GR55-NME81.89secs
3 Stewart Robb(5.0 Pilbeam MP88B-Judd GV) 85.43secs
4. Terry Holmes(3.5 Lola-Tegra Judd)87.13secs
5. Nick Algar(1.3s DJ Firehawk)89.01secs
6. John Graham(3.5 Gould GR55B-NME89.47secs
7. Steve Miles(2.0 Van Diemen-SBD RF96)90.64secs
8. Graham Blackwell(1.6t Mygale)91.91secs
9. Pete Goulding(1.6t Mygale) 92.67secs
10. Graham Porrett(3.5 Lola-Tegra Judd)94.96ecs
Simon Bainbridge(4.2t SBR Chrono V8)DNF

Then on to Sunday and the clockwise format, this time accompanied by not only the usual Super Lap Scotland (which included a Subaru with bhp that included lots of noughts and a rear wing the size of most people's dream dining table) but also Legends racing and also the Chase race which the Scots have introduced. Steve Miles managed to frighten 2 litre compatriot Nick Algar to death by spinning in front of him, a thoroughly antisocial activity. Unfortunately Nick Algar's transmission lunched itself precluding participation in the Run Off.

Top 12 Run Off

Terry Holmes and Graham Porrett again undertook just a singular run each. Pete Goulding was some way adrift of Graham Blackwell's mark, both Goulding & Porrett only 100ths apart. At last Simon Bainbridge managed to get on the pace on Sunday and 94s were flowing in. Graham Blackwell continued to murder his 2017 times to conclude a thoroughly satisfactory weekend. Terry Holmes too concluded his weekend by all but matching times with John Graham. For some reason Stewart Robb was unable to match his qualifying time (which was top of the tree) but still did enough to split the Calders. Both Colin and John Graham required assistance to return to the assembly area both unable to complete the first of their two runs. Was Colin perhaps overdriving his sole Run Off time not matching even either of his qualifiers. This after having been told the course record, he felt was a time that was accessible. Heather showed that it was just that by posting two times, less than a tenth apart, each of them under the old record by roughly a second and a quarter (and of course benefiting from two record breaking bonus points)


1. Heather Calder(3.5 Gould GR55-NME82.35secs
2 Stewart Robb(5.0 Pilbeam MP88B-Judd GV) 85.84secs
3. Colin Calder(3.5 Gould GR55-NME86.82secs
4. John Graham(3.5 Gould GR55B-NME90.02secs
5. Terry Holmes(3.5 Lola-Tegra Judd)90.88secs
6. Steve Miles(2.0 Van Diemen-SBD RF96)93.36secs
7. Graham Blackwell(1.6t Mygale)93.46secs
8. Simon Bainbridge(4.2t SBR Chrono V8)94.34secs
9. Pete Goulding(1.6t Mygale) 96.14secs
10. Graham Porrett(3.5 Lola-Tegra Judd)96.31ecs