Rounds 5 & 6 2016 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship

Pembrey-4th & 5th June 2016

Gould podiums in Wales

Organised by BARC (Wales)

by Paul Parker

Father Colin and daughter Heather Calder achieved the results they did despite their car misbehaving throughout the weekend. This was something of a mirror of what had taken place a fortnight earlier when they made their 2016 season debut. Their times were, after all, some significant number of seconds away from their best times in ideal conditions, which Colin was at pains to emphasise existed throughout the weekend. John Graham's development in his Gould continued throughout the weekend, ultimately concluding with the weekend's FTD, the speech which accompanies that at Sunday's prizegiving and a smile all the way home up the M5 & M6. It was pleasing to see that Terry Holmes and Graham Porrett had overcome their issues from a fortnight before and now all 8 cylinders were now in full working order.

The top 3 demonstrated the development in times achieved over the course of the weekend. Colin Calder taking Saturday's win just under a couple of tenths clear of John Graham. Heather Calder was in third spot a little way adrift of the top two on times, as she was on Sunday, and what she felt about that was clearly being demonstrated in her demeanour throughout the weekend. All three showed a clear time improvement on Sunday and victory was snatched this time by John Graham by a tenth. In fourth spot Terry Holmes battled manfully each day.

The works SBD pairing of Matt Hillam & Steve Broughton finished in that order on Saturday but positions became reversed on Sunday. There was a great deal of suspension tinkering taking pace throughout the weekend although judging by the times it was difficult to determine what benefits were being accrued. Steve Miles finished behind the pair on Saturday, but found a bunch of time on Sunday to head both works drivers. Saturday saw a reappearance of Dave Cutcliffe showing encouraging times with a finish just adrift of Steve Miles. However in Sunday practice both chain and the pulley upon which it is mounted broke imposing an intense work programme before Anglesey! Also busy will be Tony Jarvis and Martin Webb as they also struggled to come to grips with a problem throughout the weekend particularly as the car seemed unsure whether to behave or misbehave on each run.

Two members of the Sports Libre fraternity in Matt Carter and Jim Belt battled away throughout the weekend to break their Category record, unsuccessfully as it transpired. Not helping matters was Jim Belt breaking a driveshaft end on Saturday, meaning rather more care was required on Sunday. Simon Bainbridge, their third compatriot, suffered with lost gears for much of the weekend, producing some astonishing times given the limited range of gears he was employing. However ultimately a shredded drive belt rather added insult to injury. This lead to an "interesting" Top 12 effort on Sunday, when I doubt any more than one gear was used!

The only other contender to make a Top 12 Run Off place was Grahame Harden. He managed to do9 so with a wide smile as he concluded his weekend with a personal best time.

Results - Saturday

1.Colin Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 90.11s 2.John Graham (2.8 Gould-NME GR55C) 90.28s 3.Heather Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55)92.08s 4. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 92.78s 5. Matt Hillam (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 94.20s 6. Steve Broughton (2.0 SBD Dallara F3) 95.84s 7.Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen RF96) 96.23s 8.Dave Cutcliffe (1.3t Van Diemen 93M) 98.39s 9. Matt Carter (1.4 Radical PR6) 100.66s 10. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 100.83s 11.Jim Belt (3.0 Juno TR400) 101.67s 12.Tony Jarvis (2.0 Dallara- Cougar Power F399/00) 107.70s

Results - Sunday

1.John Graham 88.68s 2.Colin Calder 88.78s 3. Heather Calder 90.87s 4. Terry Holmes 92.31s 5. Steve Miles 93.94s 6. Steve Broughton 95.38s 7. Matt Hillam 95.85s 8. Graham Porrett 99.19s 9.Matt Carter 100.61s 10. Jim Belt 101.95s 11. Grahame Harden 105.16s 12.Simon Bainbridge 170.75s