Round 2 2015 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship



Organised by Club

by Paul Parker

The SBD British Sprint Championship were greeted to a delightful weekend in Northern Ireland last weekend, it being warm and sunny and dry on Saturday and windy but still warm and dry on Sunday.

The entry was supplemented by entrants from Southern Ireland as well as the usual local entrants, particularly in stronger numbers on Saturday, as is customary.

On Saturday Colin Calder continued his strong form with victory. However as is usual in 2016, daughter Heather continued her strong form, being again overcome only by a few tenths. Also closely matched were Terry Holmes and John Graham, again only a few tenths apart from each other, albeit a couple of seconds distant from the Calder clan.

Then came the pair of two litre Championship runners. Steve Miles, present at every round so far this year, accompanied by past British Sprint Champion Nick Algar, who made one outing early in the season, close to home, at Croft, but then at Anglesey & Knockhill since. Their two cars terribly different. Milesí Van Diemen chassis extensively developed throughout his ownership engine, gearbox and bodywork receiving attention. By contrast Nick Algarís DJ Firehawk, powered by a supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa engine, being the second such model Algar has enjoyed during his career.

Again the pair were separated by mere tenths, both setting times very adjacent to the two litre category record. These two were pursued by Terry Holmesí co-driver Graham Porrett.

Then there were the two Sports Racing Cars with this time Jim Beltís Jaguar engined Juno overcoming Matt Carterís Radical PR6, the latter suffering issues with its differential which would ultimately over the weekend become insuperable. Finally on Saturday Grahame Hardenís Mk 6 Jedi would become the finally placed runner.

On Sunday the Calderís suffered issues with their rear wing mounting, nonetheless the pair managed a closely fought one-two once again. Terry Holmesí first Sunday Run Off Run was aborted with high oil temperature. However ultimately his second run was but just insufficient to overcome John Graham by a tenth.

Both the two litre runners had an off each during the Run Offs. Nick Algar, having experienced brake issues over the weekend, suffered a throttle jamming on his opening Sunday run but retrieved matters with a record breaking second run. Steve Miles also broke the record on his Run Off opener but a little over enthusiasm on his second run meant he was unable to complete that one.

Jim Belt was satisfied with a singular run, with a time not dissimilar to the Porrett pair. Harden completing his weekend with his best run of the day.

Results Ė Saturday

1.Colin Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55)82.64; 2. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 83.23; 3. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra 90) 85.66; 4. John Graham (2.8 Gould-NME GR55B) 86.54; 5. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen-SBD RF96 mm16) 88.67; 6. Nick Algar (1.4s DJ Firehawk) 89.20; 7. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola Tegra 90) 93.11; 8. Jim Belt (3.0 Juno TR400) 95.04; 9. Matt Carter (1.4 Radical PR6) 97.20; 10. Grahame Harden (1.1 Jedi Mk6) 99.32:

Results - Sunday

1. Colin Calder 103.63; 2. Heather Calder 104.84; 3. Graham 108.50; 4. Holmes 108.66; 5. Miles 112.46; 6. Algar 112.97; 7. Porrett 118.30; 8. Belt 119.46; 9. Harden 121.57;