Round 9 2015 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship

Anglesey-14th June 2015

Graham's second

Organised by Midland Automobile Club

by Paul Parker

Nick Algar discovered why his car was rather noisier than others in Saturday's Run Off on his first practice run. One of his exhaust manifold pipes hadn't just cracked but become completely detached from its brethren. So that was an early close of play. Colin Metcalfe managed to break a driveshaft during practice leading to that same conclusion. Steve Miles on his first practice run discovered he had a difficulty with his gearchange. It wasn't altogether clear whether it was an electronic issue but he set a time something like 10 seconds off the pace, so that was him done for the day. Times from 3rd to 10th were pretty closely matched suggesting this one was going to be relatively tight. Michael Connolly, unfamiliar with UK practice, was let go off by the startline marshals on his first timed run, so he rolled forward through the beam and into a fail, lesson learned. His misfire was only a serious issue on the start straight on the 2nd lap, so was far less intrusive.Brdaley Hobday had fitted a shorter gear after Day 1 but was still outqualifiued by the half a dozen two litre cars ahead of him and, unusually enough, was also shy of the 1100 record in qualification albeit by a few tenths. Scott Rayson managed to qualify, justifying his registration, just ahead of Bill Gouldthorpe by 2/100ths of a second! Richard Arrowsmith managed to see the whole weekend out without any breakages for the first time in the last three weekends and qualified too.

Top 12 Run Off

Very unfortunately Richard Arrowsmith took the concept of a "banker" a tad too far, both times being slower than his timed runs. Scott Rayson indulged in his first ever run off (gallantly aided by his co-driver as "trolley dolly") - his wife! He managed to find a little more time on his final run. Jim Belt followed his customary practice of a single run and managed to break the Sports Libre record in the process. Bradley Hobday tried his hardest but couldn't better 9th spot, just 2/10ths outside the 1100 record. Martin Webb was next up with his best of the day just failing to better the 100 second mark. Steve Broughton was suprisingly next, only accomplishing his first run, calling it a day after the first lap of his second. Tony Jarvis managed next place just beating the SBD boss by a tenth and a bit. Matt Hillam was half a second clear with his best of the day. Then came Michael Connolly another second clear. Then came Craig Sampson nearly a second clear with co-driver over half a second clear and with a new 2 litre best time. Then after their openers it all went wrong for the pair as Mark Smith broke a drivershaft off the start line, which ended matters for the pair. But concluding issues in just the right way John Graham finished on top, just a few tenths outside the outright record.


1. John Graham 92.29; 2. Mark Smith 96.21; 3. Craig Sampson 96.80; 4. Michael Connolly 97.71; 5. Matt Hillam 98.86; 6. Tony Jarvis 99.35; 7. Steve Broughton 99.52; 8. Martin Webb 100.70; 9. Bradley Hobday 101.98; 10. Jim Belt 102.65; 11. Scott Rayson (6.8 Chevy Special) 105.40; 12. Richard Arrowsmith (1.0 Force PC1100) 107.68