Round 7 2014 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship

Pembrey-1st June 2014

Scot wins in Wales

Organised by BARC (Wales)

by Paul Parker

On the Sunday drivers' times were generally improving steadily, with the benefit of a full day's competition behind them. The Calders putting in just the one timed run to qualify and passing on the 2nd timed run. Terry Holmes had a moment on his first timed run so had to put in a banker on his second to qualify. Jim Belt had the mother and father of incidents on his first timed run exiting Honda at 45 degrees to the pit wall but seemed to continue as if nothing had happened! His two sports racing compatriots set their best timed runs, and demonstrating improvements on the day before, on their openers and came extremely close to qualification in both their cases.

In all but one instance, all of the two litres enhanced their pace, compared with the previous day's Top 12 times, during qualification. That seemed to be less the case generally in the case of the unlimited capacity cars. In a wide range of instances attention was being paid to cleaning up tyres. Also help was being given to John Burton & John Opie who had, throughout the weekend, suffered difficulties in obtaining a couple of their 4 gears. It was thought, eventually, that the bottom of that problem had been reached and the organising club kindly allowed the pair one "untimed" shakedown run just to confirm that to be the case. Peter Howgate however suffered more difficulties when it was discovered what was considered a clutch issue had intervened. Ultimately the Top 12 qualifiers were identical to those of the previous day, and with two thirds of them in share cars it again made the construction of the Top 12 running order an "interesting" intellectual challenge!

Top 12 Run Off

During the first runs Graham Porrett suffered a moment on his first run, but managed to restart the car to conclude the run to at least be sure of posting a point. His second run was perhaps a little conservative. The SBD pairing of Steve Broughton & Matt Hillam were both finding it difficult to find time. John Graham was too, his best Run Off time being a little distant from his best morning timed run time. Ahead of him Steve Miles improved noticeably on his best of the day before (all that time tending to his tyres paying dividends.) Mike Musson was now really beginning to make significant progress, perhaps confident that the car was not going to do anything unexpected. He must have gone home pleased with his weekend's work. By contrast Terry Holmes was putting on, for him, was a rather conservative display. It must be said that the pairing did have the misfortune of experiencing more than their fair share of niggles over the course of the weekend, which must have put them both somewhat on the back foot. Ahead of him Simon Keen was displaying a smile that must have stretched from Carmarthen to Newport. He had experienced a track he'd never seen before and, over the course of the weekend, found huge chunks of time to finish on a time only a few tenths behind Mark Smith, the usual 2 litre standard bearer. Despite playing "at home" (in Wales) Mark was unable to better his co-driver Craig Sampson who enjoyed just about his best ever weekend. Craig's Run Off performances both being below the existing 2 litre record. Heather Calder's first Top 12 run was not far adrift of her previous day's best, but found another three quarter's of a second on her second. Colin Calder set an opener but with a small water leak and suspicions about the car's clutch left matters at that having secured the victory.


1 Colin Calder3.5 Gould GR5588.32secs
2 Heather Calder3.5 Gould GR5589.36secs
3Craig Sampson2.0 SBD Reynard DBMH291.43secs
4 Mark Smith2.0 SBD Reynard DBMH292.39secs
5Simon Keen2.0 Dallara TKD F30292.75secs
6Terry Holmes3.5 Lola Tegra Judd93.46secs
7Mike Musson4.0 Pilbeam-Judd KV4 MP9793.61secs
8Steve Miles2.0 Van Diemen RF96mm1393.93secs
9John Graham2.8 Gould GR5597.03secs
10Matt Hillam2.0 SBD Dallara F399/0198.77secs
11Steve Broughton2.0 SBD Dallara F399/0199.62secs
12Graham Porrett3.5 Lola Tegra Judd100.26secs