Round 7 2013 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship

Anglesey-8th June 2013

Calder family one/two

Organised by Chester Motor Club

by Paul Parker

More sunny weather greeted us as we continued our mid-season Welsh foray in the SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship, this time on the track loved by many competitors, at the other end of Wales on the isle of Anglesey. Sadly Stewart Robb had been unable to effect repair of the damage caused during his "off" on the Saturday before. This week Matt Hillam undertook co-driving duties in the Mark Smith car. New entrant, Paul Horrox, made his first appearance in the Honda engined Juno and Angis Buchan was back in the Sports Libre fraternity too.

There were a few casualties during the day. Sadly the Martin Webb/Tony Jarvis was the victim of a clutch failure, discovered when Tony Jarvis was about to undertake his second timed run. John Graham was back in the Dallara this week as investigation of his "engine issues" of the Gould failed to be fruitful, but at least he was back in the car and at a venue, both of which were most familar to him. Phil Lynch had "issues" with his tow vehicle en-route which required both he and co-driver John Payne to modify their logistical arrangements in order to reach the venue. During the day the Bill Gouldthorpe/Carol Torkington car misbehaved with problems making the car unco-operative during re-start procedures when the engine was warm. Although its performance pepped up a little, compared with the previous weekend, the Dave Cutcliffe car fell victim to a broken clutch.

In the timed runs Colin Metcalfe, armed with a differnt taxi from the family fleet as tow vehicle this week, was alone in the ModProd fraternity. Amongst the Sports Libre folk Kurt Ramsden, finished top of the pile, with Paul Horrox pressing him hard (they were but 2/100ths apart after the first run) with Angus Buchan (with, of course a much smaller engine) doing his best to chase the two. Grahame Harden was alone in the 1100s. In the 1600s Glyn Sketchley qualified comfortably, and saved his tyures by taking just the one run to do so. The misbehaviour of the Gouldthorpe/ Torkington car made life trying for the pairing and the team. Mark Smith was under his class record on his first timed run, and John Graham qualified as the 2nd of the 2 litre runners a few tenths ahead of Phil Lynch. A few tenths away was Steve Miles but Martin Webb's 12th qualifying place had to be passed over with the car's recalcitrant clutch issues, Steve Broughton being the beneficiary. Amongst the unlimited cars Colin Calder concluded "top dog" with Terry Holmes (who along with co-driver Graham Porrett had enjoyed a week's holiday in Wales between the Welsh events) following on and Heather Calder (who had managed an exit route from her professional role, for the weekend, as a result of her Pembrey performance) back to take third. Terry Graves was next up, pursued by a back on form Mike Musson, and final unlimited class qualifier Graham Porrett

Top 12 Run Off

On his first run Steve Broughton found time over the better of his timed runs in his first run, but seeking a further improvement a spin put paid to that ambition in the car repaired after the previous weekend's incident. Glyn Sketchley's Run 1 came to a dramatic halt with a tyre detaching from its rim. A spare was retrieved from the paddock by some helpers enabling him to make a conservative "banker" (but still under the 1600 record) to secure points. Puzzlingly Mike Musson went slower than his timed runs later discovered to a greabox which wouldn't change gear, repaired fairly straightforwardly after the day. Phil Lynch made progress in his second run to snatch 9th place and he was but a quarter of a second ahead of Steve Miles' first run, which radio meaasges reported him demonstrating his excitement about after the finish, sadly on his second run the engine let go ending his weekend dramatically. Terry Graves made significant time improvements over his best timed run to secure 6th but, showing a week in the Welsh sunshine can work wonders, Graham Porrett made even bigger improvements to take 5th. Despite his first Run Off time being almost a full second below the 2 litre Championship Record, which he was unable to improve upon in his second attempt, a 4th place finish albeit with a bonus point addition, was Mark Smith's result. Heather Calder made a conservative "banker" as her first attempt, and this was slower than Terry Holmes' first try (and he'd found a few tenths over his best timed run) but Colin Calder's "banker" consisted of a new record! On their second attempts Heather Calder tried her damnedest to beat her Dad but finished a few tenths behind, but nonetheless was still under the Championship Record. Terry Holmes found the better part of half a second on his second attempt but this was enough only for third spot. Colin Calder found a further third of a second in his second attempt and a new outright Sprint record


1. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55)72.58; 2. Heather Calder (3.5 Gould-NME GR55)73.71; 3. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola-Tegra) 75.86; 4. Mark Smith (2.0 Reynard-SBD Duratec DB Mk 1)76.95; 5. Graham Porrett (3.5 Lola-Tegra) 77.74; 6. Terry Graves (3.5 Gould-DFR GR37)78.81; 7. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen-SBD Duratec 80.07; 8. John Graham (2.0 Dallara-Opel F397) 80.72; 9. Phil Lynch (2.0 Dallara- Vauxhall F399) 80.97; 10. Mike Musson (4.0 Pilbeam0 Judd KV4 MP97) 81.72; 11. Glyn Sketchley (1.6 Force - Hayabusa PT) 81.83; 12. Steve Broughton (2.0 OMS-SBD Duratec 25) 82.20