Round 6 2013 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship

Pembrey-2nd June 2013

Calder - again!

Organised by BARC (Wales)

by Paul Parker

During the timed runs Kurt Ramsden distanced himself still further from the Sports Libre fraternity finding another two and a quarter seconds. In the 1100s Grahame Harden found some more time to put more space between himself and Martin Pickles. In the 1600s both Gary Thomas and Glyn Sketchley comfortably established themselves in a Top 12 qualification place. Unfortunately, despite finding improvement in his time, it was not enough for Bill Gouldthorpe, despite which he continues to amaze in his performances for a 77 year old! There are many with larger capacity cars who would die for his times!! In the two litres Phil Lynch, Martin Webb and Tony Jarvis were all closely bunched together....sadly just adrift of qualification. The Smith/Sampson partnership qualified close together and not far adrift were both Steve Broughton who out-qialified Steve Miles. Sadly John Graham's learning process in the Gould was concluded when engine issues emerged which will be subjected to investigation with Anglesey imminent the following weekend. Mike Musson found a few soconds from somewhere overnight to just qualify, albeit still some way away from where he might be expected to be. Terry Graves' new tyres were settling in and more time was found. Both Calders took just the one timed run to qualify (1st and 2nd)and the Chichester Mafia also both qualified

Run Off

Mike Musson committed the cardinal sin, he indulged in a moment on his banker run, only two corners into it. Steve Broughton got rather farther on his but the tail got loose approaching the paddock bend, which was corrected, but the car hit the tarmac on the inside of the corner, took off and damaged the suspension. He returned on the back of an elderly truck. So Mike Musson ensured he secured his points (with times slower than both his timed runs). Both the 1600s, as on the previous day, each undertook a singluar Run Off run, this time Sketchley found more time to finish the quicker of the pair. Between the two was Steve Miles, and ahead of these was Graham Porrett. This time Terry Graves, with his best time of the weekend, managed to squeeze between the Smith/Sampson partnership both of who, were unable to match their previous day's times. Of the top 3 Heather Calder ran first but seemed a tad adrift of what she might have expected, Terry Holmes and Colin Calder on their first runs were only a tenth and half apart. So they all tried again and Heather Calder (despite not overcoming the 90 second flat barrier, which was her target) was a little quicker than Teery Holmes' second attempt, but it left her three quarter's of a second shy of his first. Colin Calder drew the weekend to a conclusion with a time more to his satisfaction, and double victory for the weekend.


1. Colin Calder 87.93 2. Terry Holmes 90.95 3. Heather Calder 91.69 4. Mark Smith 93.62 5. Terry Graves 95.27 6. Craig Sampson 95.52 7. Graham Porrett 96.12 8. Glyn Sketchley 97.26 9. Steve Miles 97.32 10. Gary Thomas 98.22 11. Mike Musson (4.0 Pilbeam MP92 - Judd KV)99.79 DNF Steve Broughton