Round 4 2014 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship

Snetterton 100-17th May 2014

Tyre scorcher

Organised by Borough 19 Motor Club

by Paul Parker

What a contrast in weather conditions, compared with the weekend before, this weekend of events was to bring. The constant sunshine, and the temperatures this was to bring to the track, meant that most competitors were faced with the same hurdle to overcome. That hurdle was keeping their tyres alive.

Making his debut for 2014, in his new mount, was John Graham. He had acquired a 2.8 Gould and had the car's former owner Karl Davidson along for the weekend to help him settle in to his new acquisition. Unlike his previous attempt at upgrading from the 2 litre class to the unlimited class, this time the whole task appeared to be almost seamless. Indeed phrases involving ducks and water sprung to mind. Planned to be present, but had failed to be so, was Graham Harden (in John's previous car) it having been discovered that a differential failure had stymied him the weekend before. He nonetheless visited, the venue being relatively close to home for him. Only managing one timed run each were the pairing of Bill Gouldthorpe and Carol Torkington, a transmission failure ending their weekend early. Newcomers (well in the Junior Championship anyway) were John Burton and John Opie in their Ralt, never having seen the circuit before.

Times were fairly tight amongst the whole field of British Sprint Championship contenders as they undertook their timed runs, as the VW Funcup got underway on the Snetterton 200 circuit....for 6 hours! Although most British Sprint Championship runners didn't take advantage of the opportunity three did take up the third timed run which was offered. Pretty well the majority of the remainder just rested up, and allowed tyres to cool, before the Top 12 Run Off. The usual top 3 runners, father and daughter Calder and Terry Holmes qualified as the three fastest. The next fastest qualifier was top 2 litre runner Mark Smith, but was to regret that qualification position later discovering the last thing he wanted was a tyre warming co-driver, who qualified just behind him. Steve Miles was next up, with John Graham a little way behind. Martin Webb was on his coat tails and Matt Hillam next up, albeit a little way behind but he was very closely pursued by Tony Jarvis and he in turn was very closely pursued by Steve Broughton. Final qualifier, was sports racer Kurt Ramsden but closely matched, as is customary for them, was Jim Belt who missed out by tenths.

Top12 Run Off

This was to prove very unusual in that in almost half of the instances competitors' openers were to prove to be the one to count. Taking just the one run was Kurt Ramsden, and that was enough to earn himself a point. The next two up were Steve Broughton & Tony Jarvis, these two being closely matched on both opening and second runs. These two in turn were hotly pursued by their co-drivers Matt Hillam and Martin Webb. Next in line were two sole drivers with John Graham comfortably heading Steve Miles on both his runs. However the next two were to demonstrate an unusual state of affairs Craig Sampson setting his best time on his opener, a time which co-driver Mark Smith was unable to match on either of his runs (albeit there was only about a tenth in it). Then came the 3 unlimited cars, Terry Holmes' opener proving to be his best with Heather Calder setting her best on run two a little over a second away from her father.

Results PositionDriverCarTime 1 Colin Calder3.5 Gould GR5577.84secs 2 Heather Calder3.5 Gould GR5578.70secs 3Terry Holmes3.5 Lola Tegra Judd80.54secs 4Craig Sampson2.0 SBD Reynard DBMH281.76secs 5 Mark Smith2.0 SBD Reynard DBMH281.88secs 6John Graham2.8 Gould GR5582.76secs 7Steve Miles2.0 Van Diemen RF96mm1383.15secs 8Martin Webb2.0 Dallara F39985.18secs 9Matt Hillam2.0 SBD Dallara F399/0185.70secs 10Steve Broughton2.0 SBD Dallara F399/0186.19secs 11Tony Jarvis2.0 Dallara F39986.57secs 12Kurt Ramsden1.5 Radical SR3 turbo88.15secs