Round 4 2013 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship

Snetterton-19th May 2013

Calder completes a satisfactory weekend

Organised by BRSCC

by Paul Parker

With a few less runners, than in the previous day, times all round continued to show distinct signs of further improvement. Now click shod Colin Metcalfe found huge improvements knocking chunks of seconds of his previous day's times. The Sports Libre community concluded the day qualifying in 13th & 14th position and Kurt Ramsden hosting a large smile as he achieved what he thought was but a dream, finishing on top of the Sports Libre pack. Amongst the 1100 Racing Car runners Grahame Harden and Martin Pickles were but a second part, the former displaying a modest improvement, but the latter made giant strides, although disappointingly Richard Arrowsmith dropped back a little. Carole Torkington reacted well to the talking-to she gave herself, finding about 7 seconds, and closely matching co-pilot Bill Gouldthorpe. Gary Thomas's best timed run was not quite on his best Round 3 pace, but enough to qualify. Within the two litre runners Mark Smith qualified with a similar time to Round 3, with Steve Miles next to qualify and Craig Sampson up next. John Graham was far more up to the pace than in Round 3, qualifying eighth, and Phil Lynch qualified too but a tenth and a half behind Steve Broughton whose times had dropped away somewhat from Saturday. The top 3 unlimited class runners were all in the 70s, Terry Graves best time too being better than anything the day before, Graham Porrett by contrast dropped back a little, probably as a reaction to a moment in his first attempt.

Top 12 Run Off

Gary Thomas finishing bottom of the pack, had to rely on the final run to achieve that, John Graham (in his final run in the Dallara?) discovered a tenth over his best timed run time to capture a couple of points, his first for 2013. Just half a tenth better was Steve Broughton in 10th and Phil Lynch found a further half a tenth enhancement over our Championship sponsor's best time (and over a second better than his best timed run time)to get his 2013 scoring back on track for 9th. Terry Graves was next up with a perhaps disappointing Run Off time (three quarter's a of a second shy of his best Timed run)and was surpassed by Graham Porrett in seventh. A second better was Steve Miles in sixth and three quarter's of a second better still was Craig Sampson in 5th spot. Mark Smith managed 4th spot with his best time of the weekend. The Top 3 also secured their positions with their best times of the weekend. Terry Holmes finding half a second over his best Timed Run time for 3rd, Stewart Robb with his best ever Snetterton 100 time to take 2nd and Colin Calder performing likewise to take the win.


1. Colin Calder 77.39; 2. Stewart Robb 78.61; 3. Terry Holmes 79.38; 4. Mark Smith 80.18; 5. Craig Sampson 82.33; 6. Steve Miles 83.08; 7. Graham Porrett 84.10; 8. Terry Graves 84.28; 9. Phil Lynch (2.0 Dallara F301 Vauxhall)84.38; 10. Steve Broughton 84.42; 11. John Graham (2.0 Dallara F397 Vauxhall) 84.47; 12. Gary Thomas 91.06;