Round 3 2013 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship

Snetterton-18th May 2013

Calder's day

Organised by BRSCC

by Paul Parker

One or two entrants failed to materialise. Heather Calder was to be found 150 miles west of the Shetland Islands in her latest work role so didn't manage the weekend, and at Round 3 Bill Gouldthorpe was feeling a poorly bunny so took a days break (was back in full working order the following day for Round 4). Mike Musson had but a short day, enduring a spin in practice, which damaged the front wing mountings and also radiators. Also, unfortunately, Scott Pillinger suffered a fire during one of his timed runs as a result of a fuel spillage through a hose costing mere pence. The result was a car covered in powder, a burned bum, and a ruined set of overalls and gloves. Sadly that has concluded his British Sprint Championship season as he and wife Di will later this year become parents so budget matters will now be redirected.

Fortunately 2013 the circuit enjoyed fine weather throughout the weekend and, unlike 2012 when the heavens opened on the Sunday, even sun was seen at times but most importantly dry throughout.

New for this season, the Redditch duo of Tony Jarvis and Martin Webb took this opportunity of their first British Sprint Championship outing in their new acquisition (having offloaded the Formula Vauxhall Lotus and now upgraded to a 1999/2000 Dallara Vauxhall). Unfortunately the same could not be said of John Graham who had upgraded to an unlimited class car, but had to retrieve the Dallara for the weekend when a leaking brake caliper was discovered, but the new acquisiition should be seen at Pembrey. New to the SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship family was Kurt Ramsden in the ex-Rory Stephens Radical he had acquired over the 2012/13 winter, he was hoping to make life interesting in the Sports Libre conglomerate.

What was clear, from the outset, that the weekend was going to see records broken in just about all the classes in Year 2 of this track layout of the Snetterton 100 circuit (with the finish line positioned where we wanted it in the first place, rather than where the MSA, in its infinite wisdom, had positioned it on the Track Licence in the first year we were there.) Times began to tumble in the timed runs once the track had "rubbered in"

There was an opportunity for Colin Metcalfe to learn yet another new circuit and, over the course of the weekend, indulge in learning slicks too! He seemed to rather enjoy both experiences. Among the Sports Libre comunity we enjoyed the sight of three cars. Angus Buchan out for his first time in the Championship for 2013. Kurt Ramsden discovering that a turbocharged motor-cycle engined sports racing car is a good deal different from a V8 engined Westfield and managed to get within a couple of seconds of "target man" Jim Belt, the latter being only a few tenths away from qualification on his best run. In the 1100cc single seaters top of the pile was Grahame Harden but saddened to be so distant from qualification and he was pursued by both Junior runner Richard Arrowsmith, back with the British Sprint Championship after a 15 year absence, and Martin Pickles who were only a couple of tenths apart. In the 1600s both Glyn Sketchley and Gary Thomas were comfortable qualifiers and did so little more than a tenth apart, Carole Torkington was annoyed with herself for failing to break a significant marker (she gave herself a good talking-to overnight and broke it big style the following day. Top 2 litre runner was Mark Smith, with next up being co-pilot Craig Sampson, Steve Broughton was only a tenth or so behind him, with Steve Miles next up. Final qualifier was Martin Webb, just pipping fellow class runners John Graham & Phil Lynch to do so, the latter promising to give himself a good talking-to overnight having failed to qualify! Amongst the unlimited runners Colin Calder qualified on top of the pile, pursued by Terry Holmes, Stewart Robb and Graham Porrett, who were only half a second apart from each other, final qualifier from this group was Terry Graves.

Top 12 Run Off

Martin Webb committed the cardinal sin of spinning on his banker first run! Slapped legs from his co-pilot ensued and a gentle run to what he thought would be the final point but he managed two! He benefitted, if that's the right word, from a spin by Gary Thomas which broke his front wing and he ultimately toured round to the final point. Terry Graves was a disappointed tenth. Ninth place was Glyn Sketchley's but a gear linkage breakage concluded his weekend. In eighth was Graham Porrett his Run-Off times being rather conservative compared with his best timed run uncharacteristically. With his best time of the day Steve Broughton secured 7th and in sixth was Steve Miles with a measurably improved final run, compared with his earlier times in the day. Craig Sampson managed to drive it like he stole it on his final run too, finding over two seconds, and was just a second away from co-pilot Mark Smith. Terry Holmes came up third with his concluding run his best of the day and Stewart Robb took second in a similar style but getting into the 79s at last. Colin Calder managed a 79 on his first run but didin'rt reach the finish on his second, a combination of a failed power pack and flat battery being culprits.


1. Colin Calder (3.5 Gould GR55 NME) 79.23; 2. Stewart Robb (4.0 Pilbeam MP88-Judd) 79.43; 3. Terry Holmes (3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 80.03; 4. Mark Smith (2.0 Reynard DB-Mk 01) 80.19; 5. Craig Sampson (2.0 Reynard DB-Mk 01) 81.20; 6. Steve Miles (2.0 Van Diemen - SBD Duratec)82.48; 7. Steve Broughton (2.0 OMS 28- SBD Duratec) 82.84; 8. Graham Porrett ( 3.5 Lola Tegra Judd) 83.15; 9. Glyn Sketchley (1.5 Force PT) 83.91; 10. Terry Graves (3.5 Gould GR37-DFR) 84.67; 11. Martin Webb (2.0 Dallara F399/00 Vauxhall) 93.90; 12. Gary Thomas (1.4 Force PC) 131.58: