Round 2 2018 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship

Croft-2nd April 2018


Organised by Darlington & District Motor Club

by Paul Parker

This is my 20th year this year of being British Sprint Championship Co-ordinator. In that time there has been something over 260 events. We have been fortunate in losing only 3,and this was the third, to abandoned events because of rain. One was when we were in Northern Ireland one year. Tow vehicles and any other roadgoing cars were circulating in an attempt to remove standing water. On one occasion I recall a certain motorhome entering what had become the lake at Fishermans and the extent of the lying water was such that it went OVER the motorhome not out of the side. Eventually it was considered irretrievable and everybody adjourned to the clubhouse to watch the Grand Prix that was on that afternoon (Hungarian?)

Another was in the early days of the revised Anglesey circuit that we now enjoy. One or two early runners were exiting the course. Ultimately one did so, making contact with the marshals post, and I seem to recall the Air Ambulance was called to remove the casualty. After that the decision was reached that conditions were too bad to continue.

On this occasion I understand the rain began in the middle of the night. And it just didn't stop! In fact it was thought likely it would get ever heavier. The amount of water was such that the ground either side of the track had become saturated. So there was no drainage and the amount of standing water on track simply developed on both sides of the track and when it started to meet in the middle in many places, the Stewards made the decision that conditions were unsafe to contine and the meetimng became abandoned around midday. In fact those of us travelling south to home didn't have to travel far before we saw snow in the fields (and on many of the cars) and that remained until we reached Nottinghamshire!