Round 11 2015 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship

Knockhill clockwise-26th July 2015

Graham's car behaves, and wins!

Organised by Knockhill Motor Sports Club

by Paul Parker

Sunday began, as did Saturday, with sunshine, but it turned grey as the day progressed and we were promised rain by 4pm. Regular checks were being conducted on Smiles' live weather chart. So a wet Top 12 Run Off was likely, except the rain didn't arrive until everyone was packing up post-event. Again co-operation between competitors and officials lead to a slickly run Sprint element of the meeting. Jim Belt had issues with his electrical system, leading to him pulling out and make an early start home. Martin Webb was back, after his wedding event the day before. And poor Heather Calder spent a second day looking like a lost sheep, without a drive. and only looking completely in her element when she was working on the family car (which she has shared with her sister on occasions closer to home).

The Calder family having spent much of Saturday night calculating the various points options for the remainder of the season Colin Calder looked oddly off form during the Sunday timed runs. Louise put on her father's helmet at one point and his attention was drawn to this with the suggestion "I know how you can score good points today", which rather amused him. But Louise had been a second and more ahead of her father during the timed runs. A couple of spins emerged, Terry Holmes with a new set of tyres on, and Tony Jarvis encountering difficulty with Clark's Curve, a problem overcome by viewing the in car film of one of Smiles' runs a couple of times. As he has often shown in the past John Munro really began to turn the wick up on this, the second day of the weekend. However with the long uphill drag from Taylor's Hairpin and into a headwind Sunday was the less suited of the two days to the 1100s.

So John Graham, improving further over his timed run times, despite the temperature falling, secured the win. Craig Sampson was back in second place. His co-driver, Mark Smith, was uncharacteristically off the pace during the Run Off being over 3 seconds adrift of his best timed run on his first attempt and spun at the chicane on his second, so was back in 5th. In 3rd spot was Steve Miles, only half a second adrift of Sampson to complete a most successful weekend. Behind him was Terry Holmes, with co-driver Graham Porrett, having shaken off the winter "rust" on Saturday, in 7th before the pair had to embark this time on the longest journey home of anyone, expecting their arrival back home in the early hours of Monday morning. John Munro was only able to find half a second or so, over his best timed run during the Run Off but it was enough for 6th. Tony Jarvis was half a second shy of Graham Porrett's best with co-driver Martin Webb a little over another second away. Colin Calder was found another half a second back again but really had to turn it one, improving significantly on his timed runs, to achieve that. Again remaining 1100 runners Roy Munro & Richard Arrowsmith concluded matters.

Altogether a highly satisfactory weekend for the SBD British Sprint Championship, some handful of runners deciding to play closer to home at Castle Combe at a Nat B event on the Saturday, so reducing the number of Championship runners. Both Championship and Event organisers were pleased with the result.


1. John Graham 91.06; 2. Craig Sampson 92.88; 3. Steve Miles 93.37; 4. Terry Holmes 94.90; 5. Mark Smith 96.54; 6. John Munro 98.25; 7. Graham Porrett 98.77; 8. Tony Jarvis 99.38; 9. Martin Webb (2.0 Dallara F399) 100.55; 10. Colin Calder (1.0 Jedi Mk1) 100.98; 11. Roy Munro 102.29; 12. Richard Arrowsmith 111.57.