The MSA and Hillclimb and Sprint Association (HSA) are pleased to announce that the HSA will be taking over the organisation of the British Sprint Championship from 2019. Paul Parker has successfully run the series for 20 years, but is retiring at the end of the 2018 season and the HSA, already set to run the revived Sprint Leaders Series in 2019, will take over the British Sprint Championship, ensuring the continuation of this important series. A full calendar will be published as soon as available. Sporting Regulations and Scoring System are currently under development. The HSA Speed Championship will continue in its present guise, with SBD as sponsors of this, the British Sprint Championship & Sprint Leaders Championships. If you would like to be kept up to date with details please look on the HSA’s website www.hillclimbandsprint.co.uk

Sprinting is a great way to participate in motorsport. As a competitor you can take part free from many of the dangers associated with other disciplines. You are competing against the clock so you don't encounter other vehicles to collide with you. There is a wide range of venues such as race and kart tracks, airfields, a few stately homes and even the odd purpose built sprint course. These permit you to drive as fast as your car and abilities will allow with little likelihood of you coming into contact with anything solid. Events provide a wide range of classes and there will be something to suit almost any car you plan to use.

We organise the" British Sprint Championship" which is the premier Championship in the discipline of Sprinting. The Championship is aimed at the fastest cars taking part (see photographs of examples below). The Top 12 fastest registered contenders are then invited to take part in a "Run Off" when points are awarded purely based upon the competitors performance over two additional runs.

Gould GR55 NME V8 Dallara-Vauxhall

To encourage competitors with lower capacity cars who have not finished in the Top 12 of the Championship before, there is a special trophy called " The Foundation Cup" which runs alongside the British Sprint Championship. This is further enhanced by the 7 " Category Awards" for the fastest Modified Production and Sports Libre as well as fastest 1100cc, 1600cc, 2000cc. 1600cc forced induction car engined and unlimited capacity Racing Cars. We have always been conscious that there have been many competitors who have wished to take part in the British Sprint Championship but due to budget or time constraints have been unable to do so.So we expanded our awards yet further to encourage competitors who wish to take part in a more limited programme of events in a " Junior Challenge".

OMS CF08 Radical PR6 Jedi Mk 6

To provide a further opportunity we added three more awards for competitors performances against their Category Championship Record. These are the " Britannia Trophy,""and the Celtic Trophy"" and the "Saxon Trophy". However that's not all. There is the highly coveted " St John Trophy". Not only that but for those drivers sharing a car there is the " Mille Miglia Trophy"


The British Sprint Championship enjoys the invaluable support of SBD Motorsport

Most other championships are "class based" where registered competitors are awarded points based upon their performance against those of their fellow competitors in their class. There are classes available for all types of car ranging from Roadgoing Saloons and Sports Cars, Roadgoing Specialist Production cars , Modified Saloons, Sports and Specialist Production Cars, Sports Racing (Sports Libre) cars to Single Seater Racing Cars. Within each of these categories there are a number of classes divided by capacity.

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